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PE01824: 30 day supply chain payment for government work

Economy Finance

Petitioner: Bill Alexander


Closing Date for Online Petition: 24 September 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure the 30 day supply chain payment policy is being complied with.

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Do you agree the 30 day supply chain payment for government work should be audited to ensure it is being adhered to?

Cash Flow is critical for small businesses.

Suzanne Byrne

9:02 on 16 Sep 2020

Cash flow is crucial for all business, I'm a small business and struggle to get any less than 45 days to month end, a real struggle at times.

James Scullion

21:24 on 15 Sep 2020

The sub contractors portion of the payment made by main contractors client should be deposited in subcontractors designated bank accounts by a Act of Parliament. Small and Medium Enterprises have been used long enough by main contractors and verbal football by the politicians for the last twenty years as all indication points to the small and medium enterprises sector paying for the next twenty years the debt which is currently being incurred.

leslie reekie

13:47 on 15 Sep 2020

Long overdue!

William Morrison

12:50 on 15 Sep 2020

There is a critical need for internal audit and verification of supply chain payment.

Steven Rawding

12:24 on 15 Sep 2020

30 days is vital to allow our SME's and our economy to thrive.

Amanda Lamb

12:14 on 15 Sep 2020

This is well over due.

Martin Sneddon

12:14 on 15 Sep 2020

Cash flow is critical.

Eddie Fergus

12:01 on 15 Sep 2020

Now more than ever if SMEs are to thrive and boost our economy cash flow is needed. Therefore what better time to insist on this?

Elaine Macdonald

16:48 on 06 Sep 2020

30 Days is must for our industry

Jason Walsh

15:03 on 03 Sep 2020

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