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PE01782: Full consultation on stocking of salmon rivers

Environment Energy

Petitioner: Robert White on behalf of The Scottish Gamekeepers Fishing Group


Closing Date for Online Petition: 28 January 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that a full stakeholder consultation is carried out before Marine Scotland formalises policy on the stocking of Scotland’s salmon rivers.

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We need more hatcheries

John mcmurray Wark

8:56 on 03 Jan 2020

It really is time practitioners had a say rather than those who think they know best!

James McLanaghan

9:20 on 27 Dec 2019

Be sure the science is right.

David Hartley

9:10 on 24 Dec 2019

I agree with Robert White

Janine Greenfield

18:32 on 23 Dec 2019

Let's get this done and help save the salmon!

David Allan

6:48 on 23 Dec 2019

Sticking provides help to river systems and are an invaluable way of protecting invaluable stocks

Stephen Davies

6:23 on 23 Dec 2019

Marine Scotland Scientist are using data from Pacific salmon that is often done with little regard to the fishes river of origin. Comparing this to what is done in small hatcheries in Scotland is totally misleading and worst of all. BAD Science, by people who do know better!

David Bamford

14:51 on 22 Dec 2019

It is vital that policy decisions with respect to the salmon fishing industry take full account of the extraordinary expertise that exists in the ghillie community.

Ian Vann

21:02 on 21 Dec 2019

Save the Atlantic Salmon

Gordon Hyslop

12:16 on 21 Dec 2019

If the people who run this valuable resource get it wrong, how can we turn the return of this magnificent heritage ( Atlantic Salmon) around. What is there to lose with a trial period of hatcheries? My local river The Tyne in East Lothian had a hatchery for years. The river was full of fish. Since the hatchery ceased, the river is struggling to restock itself. Not helped by poaching which is not being pursued by the local authorities.

Stewart Scott

19:53 on 19 Dec 2019

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