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PE01655: Scotland's National Scenic Areas

Environment Energy

Petitioner: Christine Metcalfe on behalf of Avich & Kilchrenan Community Council


Date Lodged: 07 June 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to review the process for designation of National Scenic Areas (NSAs) and consider increasing the number of NSAs in Scotland to protect the natural landscape and support the tourism sector.

Petition History:

8 off-line signatures have been collected

Written submissions:


14 September 2017: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage and COSLA. Link to Official Report 14 September 2017 (538KB pdf)

22 March 2018: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Local Government and Communities Committee, under Rule 15.6.2 of Standing Orders, for consideration as part of its scrutiny of the Planning (Scotland) Bill. Link to the Official Report 22 March 2018

Are you concerned that some of Scotland's most beautiful areas are at risk from major infrastructure projects?

Do you agree that reviewing the status of National Scenic Areas, and considering additions to the list, is a reasonable approach to protect our natural environment?

Do you have any other suggestions for how we protect Scotland's unique and natural landscapes?

Do you know other areas that could be considered for designation as NSAs?


Loch Awe is definitely a candidate for an NSA. It is relatively unspoilt and needs to be protected so that it stays that way.

Angela Peat

15:54 on 07 Jun 2017

We owned and ran two hotels in Arisaig, then Oban for a total of twenty years. Tourism is the life blood of the Highlands with visitors coming to enjoy the coastline and the wonderful countryside. They do not come, we assure you to view wind turbine factories. We urge you to designate Loch Awe and area as a National Scenic area.

Mr G.W Stewart and Mrs J M Stewart

10:38 on 07 Jun 2017

I believe the scenic and environmental qualities of Loch Awe are so exceptional that they should be recognised in the area's designation as a National Scenic Area. In particular the area should be protected from invasion and visual intrusion of inappropriate industrial installations.

Karine Georgian

20:25 on 06 Jun 2017

This very beautiful area undoubtably qualifies for the NSAs and can only benefit from the environmental protection this designation may confer. I am a local resident.

Peta Burton Smith

20:06 on 06 Jun 2017

This is an initiative that has my complete support. I am a local resident and feel strongly this beautiful area qualifies for the designation of National Scenic Area.

Vinh Burton Smith

20:01 on 06 Jun 2017

In the same way areas of North West Ireland - Donegal - are at risk from major infrastructure projects

Andrew White

12:51 on 06 Jun 2017

Protect delicate eco systems

Siobhan Browne

9:45 on 06 Jun 2017

Protect the delicate eco systems.

Siobhan Browne

9:43 on 06 Jun 2017

No to anymore wind powder and spend money on important matters.

Patrick Devlin

9:27 on 06 Jun 2017

Although resident in NI I was born in Glasgow and schooled in Stirling then Rannoch. I lament the destruction of a landscape for the few that will forever change what the legend of the Scottish country side is to all who have seen it. Wind turbines are the most inefficient generators of electricity ever devised and any industry still reliant on subsidy 20 years after roll out is manifestly ridiculous.

Guy Glencross

9:04 on 06 Jun 2017

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