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PE01587: Scottish Civic Forum

People Communities

Petitioner: Arthur McFarlane


Date Lodged: 27 November 2015

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to reinstate the Scottish Civic Forum and to fund the Forum at a level which will allow it to develop and succeed as an instrument of social cohesion and democratic governance in Scotland.

Petition History:


15 December 2015: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Link to Official Report 15 December 2015

23 February 2016: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that public participation in democratic decision-making is supported by a number of existing initiatives. Link to Official Report 23 February 2016

Written Submissions:

It is clear that there is presently an urgent need for some means, which allows the people of this country to come together to pull our energies and mental resources in order to find solutions to the problems which face our country. I know of no such means in existence today. The Scottish Civic Forum, under the control of the people of Scotland, could set its own agenda, devolve as circumstances require, be a credit to the people and greatly assist the Scottish Parliament in its work. It just needs the Scottish Parliament to show the same faith in the people as the people have shown in it.

Ignorance is an Evil weed. Which dictators may cultivate among their dupes. But which no democracy can afford among their citizens.

Helen Murray

17:03 on 21 Nov 2015

There is a need for civic forums as the existing set up with local authorities is too political party orientated and community councils are a mixed bag and can be too easily dominated by special interest groups influenced by developers.

Tom Minogue

16:38 on 05 Nov 2015

Over the past few years, the Scottish people have spoken in every occasion to make decisive decisions e.g. referendum, MP election...etc. However, their vote, although decisive, is inadequate to have their voices heard. There is a growing need to know what concerns the Scottish people in the streets, before they are in grieve trouble. It is with such civil movements, their voice can be heard. Given the higher interest in politics, specially for younger generation, a civic forum will find better support from the public, perhaps to maintain its funding later on. The timing is important now to give a a full chance for the Scottish people to be heard. I quote Mr Salmond statement in the last election: "The Scottish lion has roared", so your parliament ought to provide every opportunity for the voices of the Scottish people to be heard via this forum and similar opportunities.

Rehab Auf

0:59 on 22 Oct 2015

Democracy in Scotland has been sidelined, since political leaders no longer listen to the people they serve.

Jennifer Allan

11:36 on 18 Oct 2015

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