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PE01546: Collect Poll Tax Arrears

Parliament Government

Petitioner: John Crossan


Date Lodged: 08 January 2015

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure councils have the ability to collect arrears of outstanding "Poll Tax" and not to create legislation to write off these debts.

I call on the Scottish Government to ensure laws are in place to allow councils to be able carry out retrieval of these debts from individuals and companies.

Petition History:


27 January 2015: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the petitioner no longer wishes to pursue the petition. Link to Official Report 27 January 2015 

Have you paid all your due taxes ?

Do you feel let down by Poll Tax debters being let off paying due to the SNP using these voters as a political tool ?

If you feel disadvantaged by the Poll Tax debters getting off please sign this petition.

If you renaged on your Council Tax would you expect to get off scot-free?

Of course not, you are a law abiding citizen so do not accept this ill judged attempt tp appease law breakers.




I whole heartedly agree that under NO circumstances should the outstanding poll tax debt be written off - if it should be it is nothing but a big fat slap in the face to hard working, law abiding citizens. Should they write off the poll tax debt do they plan on reimbursing (in full) the people that actually paid this?!

Kirsty Clark

18:58 on 05 Jan 2015

I believe that in those straitened times, it behoves all local authorities to ensure that all unpaid Poll and Council taxes are collected. There are three prime reasons I believe for this...1) The tax avoider will have already benefited from the local authority services provided. 2) It is equitable as other residents will have already paid. 3) It is part of being a responsible member of the community. And if you want the right to vote, then surely part of that privilege is paying your just dues.

Iain McKinnon

18:28 on 05 Jan 2015

It is a bad day when our law makers allow law breakers to get away with non payment. You have lost my vote.

William Smith

12:05 on 19 Dec 2014

I could not agree more with the aims of this petition. If the SNP are so hard done by with the allocation of funds by Westminster, how can they afford this?

Kenneth Bick

19:37 on 16 Dec 2014

i am a war pensioner with council arrears of 1000£ my wife in care home, now trying buy second hand mobility car for her. the DWP say we do not qualify for mobility benefit

peter patrick glancy campbell

20:06 on 05 Dec 2014

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