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PE01492: Co-location of GP Practices and Community Pharmacies


Petitioner: Mr Alan Kennedy


Date Lodged: 31 October 2013

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to:

• Ensure that, within the scope of the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services) (Scotland) Regulations 2009 as amended by SSI/2011/32, co-located community pharmacies and GP practices are permitted and encouraged where patients affected by recent pharmacy applications have expressed the wish to have this facility and suitable space exists to allow this service to operate;
• Review the impact of new pharmacy applications, particularly in rural areas, to establish whether guidance to NHS boards or further amendments to the legislation are necessary.

Petition History:


10 December 2013: The Committee took evidence from Alan Kennedy, and Jean Kerr, Chair, Cumbrae Public Reference Group. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 10 December 2013 (425KB pdf)

4 March 2014: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and the Health and Sport Committee. Link to Official Report 4 March 2014 (403KB pdf)

6 May 2014: The Committee agreed to defer consideration of the petition to a future meeting, following the publication of the Scottish Government’s report on its Control of Entry consultation and presentation of the draft regulations. Link to Official Report 6 May 2014 (434KB pdf)

17 June 2014: The Committee agreed to refer the petition, under Rule 15.6.2, to the Health and Sport Committee as the designated lead committee for the consideration of the National Health Service (Pharmaceutical Services) (Scotland) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2014 to take such action as it considers appropriate. Link to Official Report 17 June 2014 (589KB pdf)

24 June 2014: The Health and Sport Committee considered a petition by Alan Kennedy, on co-location of GP practices and community pharmacies. The Committee agreed to keep the petition open. Link to Official Report 24 June 2014 (609KB pdf)

9 February 2016: The Health and Sport Committee agreed to close the petition. Link to Official Report 9 February 2016  

Written Submissions:

Patient preferences are being ignored in rural communities regarding applications for co located community pharmacies and GP practices.  The legislation is so framed as to ignore  patient views and is heavily weighted towards commercial security for pharmacists rather than freedom of choice for a one stop service within the community.

Please do not allow someone to interfere with the life of a village just because he has money - and wants to!!!!


17:04 on 31 Oct 2013

It is important to have General Practice facilities in rural areas in order that local people can access the practice. Practices need to be able to continue to dispense to retain viability

ann macfarlane

16:50 on 31 Oct 2013

Our pharmacy applications were approved and then overturned, more than once, by the appeals committee, totally ignoring the wishes of the community and pampering to the commercial outlets. No wonder any trust in these panels and organisations has been eroded to the point of non existance.

Jim Campbell

12:12 on 11 Oct 2013

There's a huge benefit for patients in the "one stop shop" that dispensing GP's are able to provide in rural areas. This valuable service is being sacrificed in order to give patients a right of access to "pharmaceutical services". Patients don't recognise the difference between a dispensary and a pharmacy - they just want to be able to get their medication conveniently. New pharmacies frequently destroy carefully constructed rural primary care services whilst offering very little extra that wasn't already available to patients.

Peter Keiller

16:40 on 08 Oct 2013

Our doctors retired early as it was financially impossible to carry on without the income from the dispensary, which they had been told to close by AAHB. The whole cost paid to our previous surgery by AAHB was approx £250,000 p.a. Today we are running at, in excess of, £750,000 ( with Locums, because the cannot get doctors, as it is financially infeasible to run the practice without the dispensary). Who ever calls this a better and more economical service for the people, should not be representing the people because they cannot add up!!

Stewart Grant

13:39 on 08 Oct 2013

We had a perfactly good sertvace from our practice untill it was passed to a comercial concern, even though the whole comunity patitioned for it to stay with the practice.

Peter J Smith

13:50 on 02 Oct 2013

This is an important issue and directly impacts the health service as experienced by the local population - especially those with limited transport.

Nick Hopkins

20:45 on 30 Sep 2013

It is beyond my understanding that the wishes of the community of Balmullo have been ignored or overturned so regularly and for so long. Not only does our local practice need this pharmacy for the benefit of the community but it is necessary for the long term health of our GP practice.

David M Sutcliffe

17:55 on 30 Sep 2013

I cannot believe that the wishes of a wide range of patients in this rural area have been ignored for so long. It is quite obvious that the way of determining the outcome is weighted towards the pharmacists. If the rules need changing in Scotland then kindly change them. It used to work perfectly well before, one saw the doctor and on the way out picked up the prescription. Now it means using the car or bus and wasting time.

Barry I Caulfield

11:20 on 30 Sep 2013

The present legislation permits new pharmacy licences in small remote rural areas. The consequent removal of licences from dispensing GP Practices is seriously reducing the wider clinics and services provided by the Health Centre. By removing the scope of the service the Primary Care delivered by the G P Practice is at risk of closing from the evidence of other rural communities where the G P dispensing licence has been removed. This has a damaging effect on the Primary Care Service in Rural Communities all as detailed in the Wilson and Barber report being considered by the Scottish Parliament.

Thomas Gilchrist

9:58 on 30 Sep 2013

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