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PE01489: Realignment of Parliamentary Governance on Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

Parliament Government

Petitioner: John W.H. McLean supported by Scottish Ombudsman Watch & Accountability Scotland


Date Lodged: 12 August 2013

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to establish proper Parliamentary scrutiny and accountability of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) as required by legislation. To further impose action that will ensure compliance by the Ombudsman to his Parliamentary remit and provide a fit for purpose SPSO.

Petition History:


29 October 2013. The Committee took evidence from John McLean. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB). Link to Official Report 29 October 2013 (517KB pdf)

14 January 2014: The Committee agreed to publish the petitioner's written submission and to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the current scrutiny arrangements are sufficient. Link to Official Report 14 January 2014 (417KB pdf)

Written Submissions:

• Why is the Scottish Public, excluded from the Governance process?
• Why is there no training or credible procedures available for Parliamentary Governance of SPSO?
• Why is there a lack of transparency by the SPCB and LG&RC regarding SPSO critical information by “in camera” aspects of meetings?
• Why has the “token” Judicial Review process not been amended to make it attainable to the “average” member of the Public?
• Why have the subject of (low) recorded complaint numbers against the SPSO not been investigated in the face of evidence to the contrary?

This petition is worthy of serious consideration and the implementation of its suggested actions in full. It must not be allowed to become another talking point only exercise. The time is long overdue for perpetually "talking the talk" at the public's expense. This petition offers a substantive vehicle to allow us to "walk the walk". I strongly support this petition.

Janice McLean

12:19 on 12 Aug 2013

I fully support this petition.

John Wilson

23:02 on 04 Aug 2013

I fully support this petition

John Forbes

12:03 on 30 Jul 2013

"SPSO? Good idea, badly thought out." Shameful for a democratic parliament to set up a dictatorial bureaucracy. Poor investigative procedures with hurried conclusions. Not a good way to spend taxpayers money.

John Allen

18:03 on 23 Jul 2013

I was let down by my own country which had promised me justice in one hand but snatched it away with the other, without properly examining my complaint, a case of medical negligence. It became a mechanical exercise designed to achieve a result for the bureaucracy without understanding that a vulnerable citizen was hanging on to her sense of fair play, only to have it thrown in her face.

Jeannie Erskine

17:58 on 23 Jul 2013

When the SPSO corresponds on first name terms with the public body you are complaining about what chance do you have of an impartial decision?


20:48 on 16 Jul 2013

One word sums the SPSO up - JOBSWORTH!!!! What a waste of tax payers money.

Kay Lang

23:35 on 15 Jul 2013

This is long overdue. When someone claims a building can be in two places at once you know they are not dealing with your complaint in a professional and accurate manner. They have not only let down the people of this city but potentially left our elected representatives open to legal action for failing to serve the people of Scotland.

John Colledge

21:24 on 15 Jul 2013

I wish to lend my support for the critical need for greater and more effective scrutiny of every area of public sector spending. Failure to deal with complaints effectively often means that thousands of pounds of public money per complaint is wasted without effecting real change.

Lucy Johnson McDowall

13:34 on 12 Jul 2013

no need to ask why. all of us know who the phonies are. All of us know they only exist to preserve their own existance.

jack ward

20:41 on 03 Jul 2013

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