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PE01789: Learning difficulties and disability qualifications.


Petitioner: James A Mackie on behalf of the 1673 Network


Date Lodged: 03 March 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to increase the number of professionals such as speech and language therapists, educational psychologists, physiotherapists, psychiatrists and occupational therapists qualified to assess children and parents with learning disabilities/difficulties and other behavioural problems, to reduce the number of children taken into care.

Petition History:

Should the Scottish Government spend more money on supporting families with LDD? 

What type of support should be available?

Who should make assessments of LDD children and families’ needs?

When should these assessments take place?


Our children are being let down by there being lack of support. What future will they have if there being failed at such a young age.

Tracey dicks

12:11 on 01 Feb 2020

Our kids are being failed and let down we need more professionals now to help our kids

Evonne mckay

20:49 on 30 Jan 2020

Much more support is needed in all areas of assisting these children

James Cavanagh

11:11 on 30 Jan 2020

A family member has Aspergers & a zspcial Anxiety Disorder. They also suffer badly with depression. School & child services totally failed them. They tried to take their own life, it's took this to get them the help & support they needed since primary school. Child services tried to silence us in the hope that we would just go away.

Michelle Balfour

10:05 on 30 Jan 2020

More needs invested in supporting families not just during diagnosis but also afterwards, there is a major lack in services and support.

Michelle Brown

7:44 on 30 Jan 2020

Definitely needs to be more invested in more professionals and much more support for families.

Michelle Brown

7:40 on 30 Jan 2020

Need less NDAS waiting times and somewhere to get ongoing advice from professionals who know your child.

Rebbecca litchfield

22:14 on 29 Jan 2020

Children and adults with additional needs deserve the same rights and education as everyone the same chances in life

Caroline yavuz

18:47 on 29 Jan 2020

It's really hard to get any professional specialist support and head teachers aren't always knowledgeable or qualified to be in the best position to know what to do to help.

Janice Noble

13:08 on 29 Jan 2020

These are vital services which all children should have access to when they require it. We talk about early intervention but then those professionals are not there to support the families who need it the most

Jayne Scollay

10:07 on 29 Jan 2020

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