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PE01529: Enforcement of child court orders


Petitioner: John Ronald


Date Lodged: 03 July 2014

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to strengthen court orders for child access and provide a more straight forward enforcement procedure that does not require further court expenses

Petition History:


30 September 2014: The Committee took evidence from John Ronald. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, the Law Society of Scotland, the Family Law Association, Families Need Fathers Scotland, Scottish Women's Aid, Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People and Social Work Scotland. Link to Official Report 30 September 2014 (509KB pdf)

25 November 2014: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the Scottish Government is not supportive of what the petitioner seeks, namely the establishment of a new Government agency to oversee enforcement of court orders. Link to Official Report 25 November 2014

Written Submissions:

Fathers for justice. Where is the justice if fathers have court orders but no one can enforce them when the ex decides not to follow them and your stuck having to spend thousands to go back to court. Court orders need enforcement powers or what is the point of court orders and law itself

Over many years I listened to Grandparents and fathers on the phone telling me the stories of the loss of contact to a much loved child depression feelings of suicide from them at times What most people find hard to understand is that the father feels just as worried and bereft when contact is in dispute Often these men have been the main carer and want to know about dentist and doctor appointments Is the man my ex is seeing really a drug dealer I also watched men sell houses Grandparents take out loans Fathers lose their businesses to fund the constant court cases This is heartrenching to watch When a Mum or a Dad loves a child you simply love that child and will do anything to keep them in your life My heart goes out to all in these cases Mostly though my heart hurts for the child Some children can be put to bed at night by a loving dad and by the time they wake up this same person has turned into a monster that they cannot speak about So my sympathy lies with this child the child has the right to the stability love and care of both parents The child does not stop loving the other parent When a court order is made to grant contact as it should be The child has been granted the right of parentage The god given right to know and love both parents Nothing should stop that Change our courts Give a child the right to know and be loved and feel the security of both parents and when the court order is made Enforce it for the child's sake

Lydia Reid

21:49 on 01 Jul 2014

I find it is an injustice that you go throughout court obtain a court order and no one cares about it and no one enforces it. The courts have deemed what is best for the child so it should be enforced. To spend a lot more money to go to court to obtain what you already have is a criminal act to the pursuer. If you need to return to court you should not have to pay to have something you already have enforced.


11:37 on 25 May 2014

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