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PE01507: Funding for Additional Support for Learning in Scotland


Petitioner: Alex Orr and Sophie Pilgrim on behalf of Scottish Children's Services Coalition and Kindred


Date Lodged: 14 February 2014

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that local authorities fulfil their statutory duties with regard to the delivery of Additional Support for Learning.

We are calling upon the Public Petitions Committee to write to the Scottish Government requesting it write to all of Scotland’s local authorities reminding them of their statutory requirement under Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) approach, and also the Education (Additional Support for Learning) Scotland Act 2009, urging them to protect vital children’s services when setting their future budgets.

Petition History:


4 March 2014: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 4 March 2014 (403KB pdf)

6 May 2014: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the Scottish Government is liaising with local authorities on the provision of additional support for learning and the petitioners have withdrawn their request. In doing so, the Committee agreed to ask the Scottish Government to keep the petitioners informed of its work in this policy area. Link to Official Report 6 May 2014 (434KB pdf)

Written Submissions:

Scottish Government funding for Scotland’s 32 Councils is set to be slashed for the next two years, with a real terms reduction of £624 million by 2015-16. Demand for children’s services is at its highest since 1981, with the latest figures highlighting that 16,248 children are currently looked after by local authorities, a figure that has increased each year since 2001. In addition, there has been an 89% increase of those with additional support needs in Scotland since 2010, now standing at 131,621. At the same time local authorities are having to achieve more with less, and this serves only to increase the barriers that children’s services departments face in delivering the best outcomes for children and young people.

No more cuts in education! Children should have the best possible start in life and if they need extra support this should be made available to all kids that need support.

Angela Purcell

23:36 on 14 Feb 2014

No more cuts to additional support for learning.


23:08 on 14 Feb 2014

This must be a priority. Every child has a right to an education tailored to particular needs.

Muriel Adams

22:53 on 14 Feb 2014

Such important work that is vital to support our young people.

Suzie Moore

20:58 on 14 Feb 2014

The special schools were closed to save money Special needs children need help if they are al expected to 'integrate' into a mainstream system!!

Marilyn Wilson

7:31 on 14 Feb 2014

Because there are so many who need this support and because I see my friends who provide this support struggling to do so on the resources they have. So important.

kari dickson

22:37 on 13 Feb 2014

No more cuts for essentials.

Eric Smith

21:33 on 13 Feb 2014

It is vitally important not only to ring fence ASN but to bring funding back to at least where it was prior to the austerity cuts.

Phil Jackson

14:24 on 11 Feb 2014

My child is a very bright little girl who i knew from a young age had dyslexia. She has support from her local school and is currently learning touch typing ,this can only be supported when there is extra classroom support staff to help her.The teacher already has a composite class where there is a great range of needs to be met. It is critical for children like her that there is additional support so her learning needs can be met.It would be great to see more additional support for learning teachers who have had further specialized training and qualifications in this area.. Please continue to support our children

Wendy Chrystal

10:58 on 07 Feb 2014

my son has ASN and is being severly let down by the education system and the pure lack of support there is, in addition to this the pure lack of interest and nasty remarks education staff IE teachers is disgusting and if they are not doing their job right they should be made to step down as it is disgusting the treatment my son and other child receive considering they have to recieve a education by law

colleen kelly

18:41 on 06 Feb 2014

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