The 2007 Election

Election Facts

The 2007 Scottish Parliamentary election produced the following result in terms of MSP numbers

  • Scottish National Party 47
  • Scottish Labour Party 46
  • Scottish Conservatives 17
  • Scottish Liberal Democrats 16
  • Scottish Green Party 2
  • Independent (Margo MacDonald) 1

Turnout in the election was 51.7% in the constituency vote and 52.4% in the regional vote, up from 2003 where the turnout was 49.4% in both the constituency and regional vote.

Turnout varied in the constituency vote from 63.4% in Eastwood to 33.4% in Glasgow Shettleston.

The opinion polls were broadly in line with the actual election result for the SNP, Conservative and Liberal Democrats but underestimated Labour support and overestimated support for the Greens, Socialists and Independents.

Of the 129 MSPs there were 41 MSPs (31.8%) who did not serve in the previous term

43 women (33.3% of MSPs) were elected to the third Scottish Parliament.