The Electoral System

Photograph of mock election ballot paper used in schools

Electoral System for the Scottish Parliament

The electoral system for the Scottish Parliament is a form of proportional representation. Find out more about it and how it works

Image of a polling station in Edinburgh

The 1999 Election

Find out facts and figures about the first Scottish Parliament elections held in 1999

Image of Polling Station in Edinburgh

The 2003 Election

Find out facts and figures about the 2003 Scottish Parliament election

Image of part of the 2007 election results poster

The 2007 Election

The third election to the Scottish Parliament took place in May 2007. Find out more about the results here.

Photo of the Debating Chamber

The 2011 Election

More details about the 2011 Election results

Photographof the Debating Chamber

Changes since the 2011 Election

See the changes which have taken place in the constituencies and regions since the 2011 Election

Image of the front row of MSP desks in the Chamber

Effects of the electoral system

What effect does the electoral system we use for the Scottish Parliament have on the results and the type of government we have? Find out here.