How did the Warhol exhibition come about?

The exhibition recognised the centenary of the Carnegie UK Trust.  It also came following the agreement for the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy to be held at the Scottish Parliament in October 2013 as part of the wider activities to mark Andrew Carnegie’s legacy.

Together, the Carnegie UK Trust and the Scottish Parliament worked to develop an exhibition of items which contributed towards political debate and thinking, while demonstrating the impact one person can make.

Andrew Carnegie’s legacy supported Andy Warhol’s work and Andy Warhol also undertook philanthropic activities in his lifetime. The collaboration resulted in a specially curated exhibition that explores these themes through art.

How was Warhol exhibition funded?

The exhibition was gifted by the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh to recognise the centenary of the Carnegie UK Trust. The Trust met the costs of transportation and insurances. The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) contributed to the partnership by providing a unique venue and meeting associated costs of this up to £15,000.

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