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In this section you can find a wide range of documents and material related to the Holyrood Project.

Design Stage Documentation

  • The Scottish Parliament Building User Brief, November 1998 (Revised) (pdf)

(Please note that some pages of the Brief have been removed for security reasons)

Building Concept Designs:

Project Reports

Auditor General's Reports:

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methods (BREEAM) Reports

Debates Related to the Holyrood Project

Scottish Parliament Official Report - Plenary Debates

Scottish Parliament Finance Committee Official Reports - Committee Debates

Scottish Parliament Audit Committee Report

SPCB Progress Reports 

The SPCB Progress Reports provided the Parliament's finance committee with the latest information on the Holyrood project and included a financial summary as the project progressed.

SPCB Papers

Press Releases

Newsletter of the Holyrood Progress Group

Newsletter for Circulation to Local Residents