Visitor Code of Conduct

If you are visiting the Parliament to watch proceedings in the Chamber or at a committee meeting, there is a code of behaviour which you need to follow, by order of The Presiding Officer.

For all visits, please:

  • Remember that this is a working Parliamentary building
  • Obey all instructions from Parliamentary officials
  • Keep all bags with you or place in the public lockers
  • Do not smoke in the building
  • Do not eat or drink, except in the restaurants
  • Return your “Visitor” lanyard and passholder
  • Collect any items retained by Security as you go out

For visits to see parliamentary business, please:

  • Switch off mobile phones, pagers and laptops
  • Enter, sit in and leave the galleries quietly
  • Obtain prior permission to paint, sketch or draw
  • Remain seated throughout the whole 30 minute session, if your ticket is for First Minister’s Question Time


Please note that the following are forbidden in the galleries:

  • Applause, shouting out or disrupting proceedings
  • The display of any banners or slogans, including on clothing
  • Use of cameras or recording equipment.