Official Report


  • Edinburgh Tram (Line Two) Bill Committee, 19 Jan 2005    
      • [The Convener opened the meeting at 10:00]

      • Item in Private
        • The Convener (Bill Aitken):
          Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Marilyn Livingstone is held up, but is en route and will join us shortly.

          We move to the first item on the agenda. I seek the committee's agreement to take in private item 2 to allow us to consider our draft preliminary stage report. Do members agree to take this item in private and to take in private any consideration of the draft report at future meetings?

          Members indicated agreement.

        • The Convener:
          That concludes the public part of the meeting. I now ask members of the public to leave.

        • Meeting continued in private until 11:24.