Official Report


Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee, 29 Sep 2009

Scottish Parliament
Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee
Tuesday 29 September 2009

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: [The Convener opened the meeting at 14:15]

Decision on Taking Business in Private

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The Convener (Gil Paterson): : Welcome to the 11th meeting in 2009 of the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee. I have received apologies from Marilyn Livingstone and Robert Brown.

The committee previously agreed to consider in private a draft stage 1 report on the Interpretation and Legislative Reform (Scotland) Bill and a paper on section 2 of the code of conduct for members of the Scottish Parliament—we will do that under items 6 and 7. I suggest that we also take in private item 4, on the review of the budget process, because the committee has not yet agreed its approach to the Finance Committee's report on that matter, and item 5, on the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill, because this will be the first opportunity to consider our response to the Finance Committee and our draft response might not reflect our final view.

Do members agree to take items 4 and 5 in private?

: Members indicated agreement.

Cross-party Group

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The Convener: : Item 2 is consideration of an application for recognition from the proposed cross-party group on industrial communities. The convener of the proposed group, Cathy Jamieson, was to attend but has notified us that she is running late, which is unfortunate. I had a question for her, which I will put on the public record.

I noted that the application form lists a number of non-MSP individual members who represent the same organisation. If those people are to be members of the CPG in connection with their roles in their organisations, I recommend that they be listed as organisational rather than individual members. I will write to Cathy Jamieson to ask for clarification on the matter. The issue need not hold up recognition of the group.

Aileen Campbell (South of Scotland) (SNP): : I understand that I do not need to say this, but for the record I indicate that I intend to join the group if the committee agrees to accord it recognition.

The Convener: : That is duly noted. Your interest in joining does not prevent your participating in the decision.

If there are no more comments from members, I recommend that the committee accord recognition to the proposed group. Are members happy with that?

: Members indicated agreement.

Standing Orders

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The Convener: : The convener of the Subordinate Legislation Committee has written to us to highlight potential changes to chapter 10 of the standing orders of the Scottish Parliament, on subordinate legislation procedure, which are in addition to changes that might be required as a result of enacting the Interpretation and Legislative Reform (Scotland) Bill. The Subordinate Legislation Committee asked that we consider the additional rule changes in conjunction with the changes that will be required if the bill is enacted. Do members agree to do that?

: Members indicated agreement.

The Convener: : Thank you. That concludes the public part of the meeting.

: Meeting continued in private until 15:30.