Official Report


  • Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee 04 June 2019    
    • Attendance


      *Graham Simpson (Central Scotland) (Con)

      Deputy convener

      *Stuart McMillan (Greenock and Inverclyde) (SNP)

      Committee members

      *Tom Arthur (Renfrewshire South) (SNP)
      Mary Fee (West Scotland) (Lab)
      *Alison Harris (Central Scotland) (Con)


      Clerk to the committee

      Andrew Proudfoot


      The Adam Smith Room (CR5)


    • Decision on Taking Business in Private
      • The Convener (Graham Simpson):

        I welcome everyone to the 19th meeting in 2019 of the Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee. Apologies have been received from Mary Fee.

        Under agenda item 1, it is proposed that the committee takes items 4, 5 and 6, which are on consideration of the delegated powers provisions in three bills—the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill, the Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Bill and the Fuel Poverty (Target, Definition and Strategy) (Scotland) Bill—in private. Does the committee agree to that?

        Members indicated agreement.

    • Instruments subject to Negative Procedure
      • The Convener:

        Agenda item 2 is consideration of three negative instruments, on which no points have been raised.

      • National Health Service (General Dental Services) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2019 (SSI 2019/174)
      • Environment (EU Exit) (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Scotland) Regulations 2019 (SSI 2019/175)
      • Licensing (Personal Licences: Supplemental and Transitional Provision) (Scotland) Order 2019 (SSI 2019/177)
        • The Convener:

          For anyone who is watching these proceedings or who reads the Official Report of them afterwards, I will explain the purpose of SSI 2019/177. It relates to personal licences, up to 15,000 of which were due for renewal. It will give licensing boards longer to consider the licence renewals, which all had to be in by the end of May. They would have had to have been considered by September, but licensing boards will now have until the end of February to deal with the large number of renewals. I thought that it was worth explaining that.

          As I said, no points have been raised on the instruments. Is the committee content with them?

          Members indicated agreement.

    • Instrument not subject to Parliamentary Procedure
      • Energy Act 2011 (Commencement No 2) (Scotland) Order 2019 (SSI 2019/181(C 5))
        • The Convener:

          Agenda item 3 is consideration of an instrument that is not subject to parliamentary procedure, on which no points have been raised.

          Is the committee content with the instrument?

          Members indicated agreement.

          10:02 Meeting continued in private until 10:21.