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The role of the Committee is to consider and report on communities, housing, local government, planning and regeneration matters falling within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities, including:

Local Government; Community Empowerment; Community Planning; Devolution to Communities and reform of Local Government; Regeneration; Housing; Building Standards; Planning.

Committee Meetings

6th Local Government and Communities Committee Meeting 2017

Date: 6th Meeting, Wednesday 22 February 2017

Location: the James Clerk Maxwell Room (CR4)

Decision on taking business in private
Subordinate legislation: evidence on 1 negative instrument and debate on motion to annul negative instrument
Subordinate legislation: consideration of 2 negative instruments
The draft Climate Change Plan (RPP3): evidence session
Consideration of evidence (in private)

The official report of this meeting is due for publication by 6pm on 24 February 2017

Current Business

Committee Reports

2nd Local Government and Communities Report 2017 (Session 5): Report on the Scottish Government's Draft Budget 2017-18


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Clerk to the Committee

Clare Hawthorne

Email: LGCCommittee@parliament.scot 


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