Education Scotland - Spending decisions and outcomes

The Committee examined the spending decisions made and outcomes delivered by Education Scotland.

Your views

The Committee considered the work of Education Scotland on the specific themes below. The Committee invited views on these themes.

1.    How Education Scotland assesses:

  • the uptake of the advice and support it provides
  • the effectiveness of this advice and support in delivering improvement. 

2.    Education Scotland's relationship with schools and local authorities, reflecting on Keir Bloomer’s comments.

On 9 June 2015, Keir Bloomer gave oral evidence to the Committee on the Education (Scotland) Bill and asked:

"Do schools see themselves as customers of the main national agencies—in this case Education Scotland and, to
a lesser extent, the Scottish Qualifications Authority? Do they believe that those are places where they can get help in solving the problems that they experience? I suspect that the answer to that question is no. Schools tend to view those agencies as bringing about ways of imposing upon them policies that have been devised further up
the system. That seems to be the wrong way round." (Official Report, 9 June 2015)

3.    How its inspection of schools delivers accountability. 

4.    The extent to which it has helped to ‘promote high-quality professional learning and leadership amongst education practitioners’, and the challenges that remain.

5.    The risks and benefits of spreading its activity across a wide range of education settings.

6.    How effectively it is addressing the principal risks listed in its annual accounts. 

Submissions Received


The Committee took evidence from Education Scotland on 27 October.

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The Committee wrote to Education Scotland seeking follow up information from the evidence session. 

Education Scotland responded to the Committee's request with the following information:

The Committee wrote to the Scottish Government following the recent session, highlighting issues raised and seeking comment: