Community Transport



How people are travelling in their communities, outside of commercial public transport systems, is the focus for this Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee inquiry. The Committee wants to look at whether community transport services are able to better meet the needs of the people they serve.

More than 80% of people who use community transport are elderly and/or people with disabilities and with the older population ever increasing, the Committee knows how important community transport is to people’s lives.


The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) have produced an introduction to community transport which can be found at the following link:

Oral Evidence Sessions:

Key themes are emerging from the evidence heard and are outlined in the video.


7th Report, 2013 (Session 4) Report on Community transport

The Scottish Government response to the report was received on 4th September 2013:


Stakeholder event

The Committee hosted a stakeholder event on Wednesday 18 September at the Parliament. Further information can be found here:

Members of the Committee had the opportunity to discuss its report recommendations and the Scottish Government's response.  Further information on the Committee's findings can be found here:

A debate on this report was held in the Chamber of the Scottish Parliament on 30th October 2013. Click here for the Official Report.


Additional Information

The Committee produced a poster for this inquiry as part of its call for views.