The Eurozone crisis: the implications for dialogue between the Scottish and UK Governments



In January 2012, the European and External Relations Committee agreed to conduct a short inquiry on developments in the Eurozone, particularly in relation to the December 2011 European Council Meeting and the resultant Fiscal Compact.

The aim of the inquiry was to explore the communications between the Scottish and UK Government that preceded the December 2011 EU Council meeting and to determine—

  • whether the UK Government made adequate efforts to both consult and to inform the Scottish Government in advance of these EU gatherings;
  • whether the existing forums and channels of communication are adequate and appropriate for consultation ahead of important EU Councils; and
  • the impact of the UK actions on future Scottish-EU relations.

The Committee held three evidence sessions to consider the implications for communication between the Scottish and UK Governments, of developments surrounding the Fiscal Compact. The Committee took evidence from the following—


Consideration of developments in the Eurozone is available in the following SPICe briefing—


2nd Report, 2012 (Session 4): Developments in the Eurozone and their implications for communication between the Scottish and UK Governments

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