Scottish Spending Review 2011 and Draft Budget 2012-13



The Scottish Government’s Spending Review for 2011 and Draft Budget for 2012-13 was published on 21 September and can be found on the Scottish Government’s website at the following link;

The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee’s role is to scrutinise these budget documents and report its findings to the Finance Committee.

We would welcome your organisation’s views on the Draft Budget and Spending Review on issues which fall within the Committee’s remit. In addition, you may wish to consider how the Draft Budget relates to Low Carbon Scotland: Meeting the Emissions Reduction Targets 2010-2022, (RPP) published by the Scottish Government in March 2011.

Background information on the Scottish Parliament’s budget scrutiny process can be found on the Finance Committee’s webpages, along with specific information about the budget process this year.


Written evidence

The Committee has issued a call for views which closed on Wednesday 19 October 2011.

Read the call for evidence 

Read the written submissions received

Oral evidence

The Committee took oral evidence at its meetings on 5 and 26 October 2011 from the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment and the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change respectively.  .

Read the meeting papers and the Official Report (2011)