Welfare Reform - Your Say


Welfare Reform - Your Say

The Welfare Reform Committee was keen to hear from people across Scotland on the changes to the social security system. It wanted to hear from those who were willing to share their views on, or personal experiences of, the new welfare system which was introduced through the UK Welfare Reform Act 2012.

The Act has seen changes to the way that the benefits system is operated, and the reforms impacted on a wide range of groups - from single parents and families to disabled people amongst others. The input of the 'Your Say' participants helped to shape the work of the Committee. The information supplied contributed an additional perspective on the main issues of the current system, and what the Committee should focus on when scrutinising the wider impact of the UK Welfare Reform Act and holding the UK and Scottish Governments to account.

The Committee invited any organisations with particularly interesting cases or experiences to get in touch to help it reach out to individuals who may not know how to get their personal experiences across. The Committee wanted the public to be aware that it was here to listen and help. 

The Committee had a particular interest in the following areas: 

  • The Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • People with long term conditions
  • The Work Programme
  • The impact of welfare reform on claimants' mental health
  • Experience of the new Scottish Welfare Fund
  • Impact of the so called ' Bedroom Tax'

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Written submissions received

'Your Say' Event

The Committee held an event at the Parliament on 7 September 2015 for previous 'Your Say' witnesses.  Follow the link below to read about it.

Welfare Reform 'Your Say' workshops