Pre-Budget Scrutiny 2019-20


About the Inquiry

At the start of the Parliamentary Session, the Committee agreed to adopt a full year budgeting approach, building an element of budget scrutiny into all aspects of its work, as detailed in its 2nd report, 2016 (Session 5) Health and Social Care Integration Budgets.

The Committee has sought to remove the direct link between the Scottish Government’s draft budget and its budget scrutiny with a view to using evidence gathered throughout the year to influence the content of future draft budgets and the relative priorities given to the health elements.

As in recent years, the Committee will follow the recommendations of the Budget Process Review Group (BPRG) and publish its report in advance of the Draft Budget. In taking this approach, the budget report will not be commenting on budget allocations, but will seek to inform budget decisions in advance of these allocations being announced.  The budget report will serve to highlight areas where the Committee would like to see shifts in the budget to reflect identified priorities (which could be increases, maintaining existing budgets, or shifts between areas of the budget).

The Committee will expect the Scottish Government to respond to its budget report when the Draft Budget is published and to address specific recommendations of the Committee.


Formal evidence sessions are scheduled as follows:

22 May 2018

To inform its report the Committee held an evidence session with a number of Integrated Joint Boards which focused on the financial aspects of integration and built on issues raised in previous budget scrutiny sessions.  The following Integrated Joint Boards were invited to attend:

  • Edinburgh
  • East Ayrshire
  • Moray
  • North Lanarkshire
  • Scottish Borders

5 June 2018

This session was with representatives of the Scottish Government and included consideration of the Medium Term Financial Strategy, the Financial Framework for the Health and Social Care Delivery Plan and the impact of regionalisation on financial planning.  The following representatives were invited to attend:

  • Paul Gray, Director General Health & Social Care and Chief Executive NHSScotland
  • Christine McLaughlin, Director of Health Finance
  • Shirley Rogers, Director of Health Workforce and Strategic Change
  • Dr Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer
  • Alison Taylor, Head of Integration Division

The Committee’s report on recommendations to the Scottish Government on the health and sport budget is expected early autumn.


In advance of the oral evidence sessions all Integration Joint Boards were asked to complete a short pro-forma regarding their budgets and submit their responses by 2 May 2018.

Responses to requests for budget information.

The Integrated Joint Boards invited to the evidence session on 22 May have also submitted the following written evidence in advance of the meeting:


The Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary on 18 April 2018 seeking an update on her 8 February letter in order that this may inform our Pre-Budget Scrutiny 2019-20 evidence sessions scheduled for 22 May and 5 June.

The Cabinet Secretary responded on 2 May 2018.

Following the evidence session on 5 June, Paul Gray, Director-General Health & Social Care and Chief Executive NHSScotland wrote to the Convener with additional information as requested during the session.

On 22 June the Committee received a joint letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport and COSLA with an update on the review of progress by Integration Authorities undertaken by the Ministerial Strategic Group for Health and Community Care. 

On 29 June the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport wrote to the Convener advising that the financial position of NHS Boards would be published monthly on the Scottish Government website.

On 27 July the Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport and to the Director-General Health & Social Care and Chief Executive NHSScotland requesting additional information to help inform the Committee's report on pre-budget scrutiny:

On 22 August the Director-General Health & Social Care and Chief Executive NHSScotland responded to the Convener's letter of 27 July:

On 24 August the Director-General Health & Social Care and Chief Executive NHSScotland sent a follow-up to his letter of 22 August to advise the Committee of additional funding allocations to each NHS Board for the delivery of drug and alcohol treatment and support services.

On 27 August Jeane Freeman MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport responded to the Convener's letter of 27 July:


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