Visits and Meetings Glasgow 15 January 2018


The Scottish Government is consulting on ideas to reform education. The main aim is to help close the attainment gap. Ideas include: 

• Creating a Headteachers’ Charter (more autonomy for headteachers)
• Increased parent and community engagement in schools
• More pupil participation
• Regional Improvement Collaboratives (a way to help local authorities work together)
• Creating an Education Workforce Council for Scotland (to replace the General Teaching Council for Scotland)

We have produced a quick read document setting out the Scottish Government's proposals here

The cross-party group of MSPs on the Parliament’s Education and Skills Committee is looking at whether these reforms are a good idea and wants to hear from you. 

The Committee can suggest changes to the reforms to improve them, including suggesting extra ideas.  

We can also look at how changes should be made, and what support schools, young people and parents need to make any changes a success. 

So if you are a young person, parent or work at a school, please look through the ideas for reform and come and tell us your views in Glasgow in January.  

You don’t need to have views on all these ideas; you might just want to talk about one. We want to hear: 

• what you think of any of the ideas, including how they would impact on local schools
• what other changes you would make; and
• what support your school needs if it is to makes these changes. 

Come along to the Lighthouse on 15th January at 6pm until 7.30pm for an informal discussion with our members. We would really appreciate you taking the time to share your views. Drinks and snacks will be provided. We will have separate tables for young people, parents and school staff.  

If you want to come along earlier to see the Committee having a more formal meeting to hear from your local education authorities please come along at 4.30pm to watch the question and answer session. 

If you are a headteacher or deputy headteacher please get in touch as the Committee will hold discussions earlier in the day (from 2pm to 4pm). 

Whichever bit of the day you want to be part of, please contact and we can send you more information. Or call us on 0131 348 6225.  Also please feel free to share our poster regarding this visit.

Our address is as follows:

Education and Skills Committee
Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

We also welcome calls using the Text Relay service or in BSL through
If you would like to receive this document in Braille, or British Sign Language, please contact us and let us know.