Settlement agreements


Settlement agreements

The Scottish Government prepares an annual report on the use of ‘settlement agreements’ by the Scottish Government and public bodies; NHSScotland; and, further education colleges.

The committee asked the Scottish Government a number of questions about the April 2015 – March 2016 report. The Scottish Government's response is below:

The production of these reports can be traced back to the session 4 audit committee’s consideration of a report by the Auditor General entitled ‘Managing early departures from the Scottish public sector’. Further information on the committee’s work is available here.

Severance policy

On a related note, the Committee recently wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Constitution about the Scottish Government’s severance policy for Scotland:

The Cabinet Secretary’s reply, which is contained within a wider letter about governance –  is available below:

The reply notes that settlement agreements are a “subset of severance arrangements”.

Oral evidence session - 21 December 2017  

The Committee took evidence from the Scottish Government. Please read the Official Report 21 December 2017.