The 2016/17 audit of NHS Tayside


The 2016/17 audit of NHS Tayside: Financial sustainability

The Auditor General has reported to the Scottish Parliament for a third consecutive year on NHS Tayside's progress with addressing significant financial difficulties, and the high risk that the board will not achieve financial balance in 2017/18.

Please visit the 2015/16 audit of NHS Tayside Financial sustainability webpage for the previous section 22 report.

Oral evidence session - 16 November 2017

The Committee took evidence from the Auditor General for Scotland and Audit Scotland. The Committee agreed to await the publication of a report by the NHS Tayside Assurance and Advisory Group before deciding whether to take any further action on the audit report.  Please read the Official Report 16 November 2017.

Meeting correspondence and follow-up

NHS Tayside Assurance and Advisory Group

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