Self-Directed Support 2017 Progress Report


Self-Directed Support 2017 Progress Report

New ways of offering people more choice and control over their social care can make a real difference but further work is needed to ensure everyone can benefit, says a report out today.

Oral evidence session - 28 September 2017

The Committee took evidence from Audit Scotland. The Committee agreed to take further oral evidence on the report at future meetings. Please read the Official report 28 September 2017 (479KB pdf) 

Meeting Correspondence and follow-up:

Post-Legislative scrutiny

The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 has been highlighted to the Committee by stakeholders as one which would benefit from post-legislative scrutiny.  Following its evidence session with Audit Scotland on its report on 28 September the Committee agreed it would take account of the concerns raised as part of its scrutiny of Audit Scotland’s report.  Those stakeholders were invited to provide formal written submissions which can be found below.