Inquiry - Article 50


About the Inquiry

An inquiry to monitor and scrutinise the Article 50 withdrawal negotiations and their implications for Scotland. The Committee has made two calls for evidence in relation to this inquiry. Find out more about the 2017 call for views in the box below and, below that, on the Committee's 2018 call for evidence.

2017 call for evidence

As part of this inquiry, in 2017 the Committee issued a call for evidence (which closed on 18 August 2017). To find out more about that call for evidence, please see the following link:

Article 50: 2017 call for evidence

2018 call for evidence

The Committee issued a call for evidence in 2018 on Article its 50 inquiry. Find out more below.


The Committee issued a call for evidence on 14 September 2018. The closing date for submissions is 12 October 2018.

Read the call for evidence

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