Writers to the Signet Dependants' Annuity Fund Amendment (Scotland) Bill Committee


About The Committee

The Writers to the Signet Dependants' Annuity Fund Amendment (Scotland) Bill Committee was established on 18 May 2017 and will continue until the Bill is passed or rejected, falls or is withdrawn. 

The Committee’s main role will be to consider and report on the Bill at Preliminary Stage, including giving preliminary consideration to any objections, and to scrutinise the Bill at Consideration Stage, including by giving further consideration to objections and debating any amendments lodged.

How to object to the Bill

Any individual or organization whose interests may be adversely affected by the Bill may lodge an objection to it. The objection period for this Bill ran from 19 May 2017 to 18 July 2017. The last day for objections was Tuesday 18 July at 5.00 pm. There were no objections to this private bill.

Further information about how to object is available here:

How to submit your views

If you wish to submit written views on the general principles of the Bill, please read the Parliament's policy on treatment of written evidence by committees-


Submissions should be limited to no more than six pages of A4 and responses should be sent, wherever possible, electronically and in MS Word format to the Clerk and also to the following email address: private.bills@parliament.scot

Submissions can also be sent by post to: Clerk to the Writers to the Signet Dependants' Annuity Fund Amendment (Scotland) Bill, Room T2.60, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP.

Written submissions will normally be made public on the Committee’s webpage. The submission can be in English, Gaelic or any other language.

There is no deputy convener and no past members for this Committee.

For more information on the Bill, including links to the Bill, accompanying and other relevant documents, please click on this link:


You can book tickets to attend a meeting, free of charge, by contacting the Parliament’s Visitor Services Department. Committee proceedings are also broadcast live on the Parliament’s website.

You may contact the Committee, via email, at private.bills@parliament.scot or by phoning 0131 348 6124


Committee Meetings

1st Writers to the Signet Dependants' Annuity Fund Amendment (Scotland) Bill Committee Meeting

Date: 1st Meeting, Wednesday 06 September 2017

Location: Committee Room 3 (The Sir Alexander Fleming Room) 10.00 am

Current Business

Committee Reports