Social Security (Scotland) Bill


About the Bill

The Social Security (Scotland) Bill was introduced by the Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities, Angela Constance MSP, on 20 June 2017. The main purpose of the Bill is to pass control of a number of social security benefits from the UK Government to the Scottish Government.

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SPICe Briefings

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Stage 1

The Social Security Committee is the lead Committee scrutinising the legislation and began taking evidence on the Bill, at Stage 1, in September 2017.


The Committee began Stage 2 consideration at its meeting on 1 February.

The second meeting for Stage 2 took place on Thursday 8 February. At that meeting, the Committee did not proceed beyond the end of Part 2, Chapter 2. This includes schedules 1 to 7. The deadline for amendments to Part 2, Chapter 2 (including associated schedules) was noon on Friday 2 February.

The Committee will continue Stage 2 consideration at its meeting on Thursday 22 February and then on Thursday 1 and 8 March as required. The deadline for any remaining amendments beyond the end of Part 2, Chapter 2 was noon on Friday 9 February.  


The Committee issued a call for views on the Bill which can be accessed via the links below. The call for views ran from 30 June to 23 August 2017.

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Our call for views is also available in the following formats-

British Sign Language


Scottish Government Policy Position Papers / Illustrative Regulations

Disability and Carers Benefits Expert Advisory Group

Work by other Committees

The Finance Committee published a call for views on the Financial Memorandum. The Committee considered the Bill at its meetings on 13 September and 4 October.

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The Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee considered the Bill at Stage 1 at its meetings on 12 September and 3, 24 and 31 October 2017.

Read the DPLR Committee Stage One Report on the Social Security (Scotland) Bill.


The Committee published its report to the Scottish Parliament on 11 December 2017.

Read the Social Security Committee’s 3rd Report, 2017 (Session 5), Stage One Report on the Social Security (Scotland) Bill (SP Paper 244)

Read the news release


The Scottish Government responded to the Committee's report on 14 December  2017.