Economic Data


About the Inquiry

The Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee is holding an inquiry into the economic data. The inquiry will focus on the following areas:

  • Accuracy (how reliable is the data)
  • Utility (how useful is it)
  • Interpretation (how to make sense of it)
  • Scrutiny (what are we measuring and does it encourage effective scrutiny).

The remit for the inquiry is:

To examine the accuracy, utility and comprehensibility of Scottish economic statistics; to consider what data is required for effective delivery and scrutiny of policy; and to recommend where any improvements might be made.

In preparation for this inquiry, SPICe commissioned 4-consulting, on behalf of the Committee, to produce a report (a copy of which can be found below) which would:

  • summarise current statistical provision;
  • identify gaps in statistical coverage;
  • discuss the situation in other European countries/regions, and
  • help the Committee gain an understanding what the Scottish and UK governments could and should be doing to improve the provision of economic data in Scotland.


This report is not a reflection of the Committee's views. It is intended to highlight some initial themes and issues, which can be explored in more detail during the Committee's formal call for evidence and subsequent evidence sessions.


The Committee issued its call for views on 12 June 2017. The closing date for submissions was Friday 1 September 2017.

Read the call for views

Read the written submissions


The Convener wrote to the Scottish Fiscal Commission following their appearance before the Committee on 7 November. They responded on 24 November.

On 28 November, the Committee received responses from Jonathan Athow, Office for National Statistics and Ed Humpherson, Office for Statistics Regulation following their appearance before the Committee on 7 November. 


 The Committee published its report on 12 February 2018.