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Background and Evidence


The Local Government and Communities Committee has agreed to undertake work on the issue of homelessness as part of its work programme. The Committee undertook fact-finding visits in February and March 2017 in relation to homelessness services in advance of formal oral evidence sessions in March 2017. During the visits, the Committee will explore how people access homelessness services through the Housing Options approach and hear from those at risk of becoming homeless or experiencing homelessness by visiting a homeless project providing support.

The Housing Options approach is an information and advice process that councils use when someone approaches them with a housing problem. The service focuses on people's personal circumstances, helping them to explore all options including council housing, housing association homes and private rented accommodation. It can also provide support for underlying issues that can underpin housing problems such as debt, family breakup and mental health problems. The aim is to  assist the individual with issues from an early stage in the hope of avoiding a housing crisis.

The Committee will then explore these issues during formal evidence sessions and will also hear from people who specialise in providing support to those wanting to access homelessness services. The Committee will explore the underlying reasons which can lead to a person seeking homelessness services, and whether homelessness prevention services are effectively tackling those underlying reasons for homelessness.


The Committee held two evidence sessions with stakeholders on 8 and 22 March 2017.

Wednesday 8 March 2017: Stakeholder Panel 1

The Committee took evidence from:

  • Adam Lang, Head of Communications and Policy, Shelter Scotland;
  • Tony Cain, Policy Manager, Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers;
  • Lee Clark, Manager, Conflict Resolution Service, and Mark Kennedy, Manager, Homeless Prevention Service, Cyrenians;
  • Jan Williamson, Head of Services, Streetwork

Link to Papers for meeting on 8 March 2017
Link to Official Report of meeting on 8 March 2017

Wednesday 22 March 2017: Stakeholder Panel 2

The Committee took evidence from:

  • Margaret Ann Brünjes, Director, Glasgow Homelessness Network;
  • Eddie Nelson, Day Centre Manager, Churches Action for the Homeless;
  • Beth Reid, Policy Manager (Scotland), Crisis.

Link to Papers for meeting on 22 March 2017
Link to Official Report of meeting on 22 March 2017

Following these evidence sessions in March 2017, the Committee agreed to issue a wider call for views. The Committee will consider the responses received before agreeing its next steps.

Call for Views

The Committee has today (Wednesday 3 May 2017) launched a call for written evidence from all interested parties as part of its work on homelessness.

Organisations and individuals are invited to submit written evidence to the Committee setting out their views on homelessness, the reasons why people become homeless, what services are available and what can be done to help prevent homelessness.

To allow the Committee to take account of any views received, submissions should be sent no later than Wednesday 14 June 2017. For further details on the Committee's call for written evidence, please see the link below.

Read the call for evidence.

Read the written submissions received.


Fact-Finding Visits

Wednesday 22 February: Edinburgh
Committee members visited Streetwork in Edinburgh and met with staff and users of their crisis service. The service provides accommodation and support services for people in housing crisis or who are facing sleeping rough.

Monday 28 February: Glasgow
Committee members visited the Simon Community in Glasgow and met with staff and women who are in emergency and temporary accommodation. Members also met with the Legal Services Agency to discuss issues in relation to the providing legal support to homeless people.

Monday 6 March: Perth
Committee members visited Churches Action for the Homeless (CATH) in Perth and meet with staff to discuss issues relating to homelessness in rural Perth and Kinross. Members also accompanied development workers from CATH’s Outreach and Floating Support teams to rural locations and met with service users.

Oral Evidence Sessions

Wednesday 8 March
Stakeholder panel 1 (Shelter Scotland, Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers, Cyrenians, Streetwork).

Wednesday 22 March
Stakeholder panel 2 (Glasgow Homelessness Network, Churches Action for the Homeless, Crisis).