Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee Sub Group on Deposit Return Schemes in Scotland


Sub-group on Deposit Return Schemes

Given the wide ranging remit of the Committee, it has agreed that it might be best for some issues to be initially explored by a smaller group of Members.  The sub group would then report back with recommendations of whether or not the full Committee should take any further action or inquiry.

In September 2016, the Committee agreed to establish a sub group to consider the issue of deposit return schemes (DRS) in Scotland with a view to considering how the Committee might wish to incorporate work on this topic into its wider work programme.  The group consists of:

Maurice Golden MSP (Deputy Convener)

Kate Forbes MSP

Angus MacDonald MSP

The Committee considered a proposed course of action suggested by the sub group at its meeting on 22 November 2016.

The Committee agreed that the sub group would engage informally with a range of relevant stakeholders on DRS before reporting back to the Committee with any proposals for further work on this issue. The Committee also wrote to the Scottish Government seeking an update on its work in relation to DRS in Scotland.

The sub-group has now concluded its work and a summary of this can be found below.  The sub group has proposed the Committee undertake further work into the issue of waste collection and disposal and recommended it would be more effective to start by considering the wider waste landscape and incorporate discussion of solutions, inlcuding deposit return schemes within that.

The sub-group has also received additional written submissions.