Additional Support Needs in School Education


Share your views, share your experience

Over the past few months the Education and Skills Committee has been looking a lot at school education. We have asked lots of people for their views on Additional Support Needs and, because of what we have heard, we want to do some more work on this issue.

A child or young person is said to have additional support needs if they need more or different support than what is normally provided in school. We know this is a very broad term, covering a large number of children and young people in Scotland who all have specific requirements for support in school. And this call for views is being sent to lots of people and organisations who all will have different things to share.

Submissions Received

The Committee invited comments on Additional Support Needs and received a high number of submissions.  Those submissions are collected in a document below.

The Committee held a number of focus groups in February.


Letter from COSLA and ADES regarding Education and Skills Committee meeting evidence - 6 March 2017 (318KB pdf)

Evidence Sessions

The Committee held a round-table on Additional Support Needs on 1 March 2017 and took evidence from the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills on a number of topic including Additional Support Needs on 8 March 2017.