Additional Support Needs in School Education


Share your views, share your experience

Over the past few months the Education and Skills Committee has been looking a lot at school education. We have asked lots of people for their views on Additional Support Needs and, because of what we have heard, we want to do some more work on this issue.

A child or young person is said to have additional support needs if they need more or different support than what is normally provided in school. We know this is a very broad term, covering a large number of children and young people in Scotland who all have specific requirements for support in school. And this call for views is being sent to lots of people and organisations who all will have different things to share.


After hearing evidence and receiving a high number of submissions the link to the report for the Additional Support Needs inquiry is below.        

A quick read document of the report is below, this is a summarized document which contains the main points of the report and the recommendations.

Responses To Report

Read the responses to the 'How is Additional Support For Learning working in practice?' report.


The Committee received a copy of a letter from Ross Greer MSP to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills regarding statistics on classroom support staff.

The Deputy Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills regarding the statistics on classroom support staff and regarding the letter from Ross Greer MSP.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills wrote to the Committee to give an update on the progress of the Additional Support for Learning research.

The Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, COSLA and the SLGP for a response to the recommendations in the 'How is Additional Support  for Learning working practice?' report

The Deputy First Minister wrote to the Convener regarding a consultation period on mainstream guidance.

The Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills regarding Scottish Governments response to the Committees report on Additional Support for Learning and asking for timescales for the Independent research.

The Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills regarding the draft Supporting Children’s Learning: Statutory Guidance on the Education (Additional Support for Learning) Scotland Act 2004 (as amended) Code of Practice (Third Edition) 2017.

Submissions Received

The Committee invited comments on Additional Support Needs and received a high number of submissions.  Those submissions are collected in a document below.

The Committee held a number of focus groups in February.

Late Submission

The Committee received the following late submission in response to evidence heard.


Evidence Sessions

The Committee held a round-table on Additional Support Needs on 1 March 2017 and took evidence from the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills on a number of topic including Additional Support Needs on 8 March 2017.


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