Preventative Agenda


About the Inquiry


To seek evidence on and analyse preventative spend through a series of short inquiries on specific health-related topics.


SPICe briefing, Preventative Spend and the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Research (RAISE) Paper, Preventative Expenditure highlight that there are definitional issues around the use of the terms preventative spend and preventative expenditure. It is therefore necessary for the Committee to be clear about the intended reach and possible outcomes desired from this work.

Previous consideration of preventative spend/ preventative agenda can be found in the following documents:

Initial Approach

The Committee will hold an initial evidence session where the main features and pitfalls of using preventative spend as a means of scrutinising expenditure on health can be outlined.

A general call for evidence will be issued to help inform the initial understanding and ensure clarity around about what the committee is seeking to achieve with this inquiry.


On Friday 3 February the Committee issued a general Call for Views from any interested organisations or individuals. The call for views closed on 28 February.

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