Post-legislative scrutiny: The National Fraud Initiative


About the Inquiry

The Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee is conducting its first ever piece of post-legislative scrutiny.

The Committee has agreed to examine Section 97 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010, which put the National Fraud Initiative(NFI) on a statutory footing, to consider whether any improvements could be made to the NFI.

The Committee's work on the NFI can be read here

The remit for our post-legislative scrutiny is:

To consider whether -

  • the policy intentions of putting the National Fraud Initiative in Scotland on a statutory basis have been realised;
  • any further policy or legislative changes are required to improve the effectiveness of the National Fraud Initiative.


The Committee has launched its call for written submissions. We have set a deadline of Friday 31 March for written submissions from public bodies.

The questions the Committee have asked are:

  • What have been the benefits, financial and otherwise, of putting the National Fraud Initiative on a statutory footing?
  • Could the legislation be strengthened in any way?
  • Should participation in the National Fraud Initiative be strengthened? Are there any bodies who do not participate in the National Fraud Initiative who should do so?