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Committee work

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After hearing evidence and receiving a large amount of submissions the link to the Personal and Soical Education report is below.

Let's Talk about Personal and Social Education Report 22 May 2017 (1.37MB pdf)

A link to the quick read document is available below. This is a summarized document which contains the main points of the report and the recommendations.

Quick read version Let's Talk about Personal and Social Education   

Responses to report

Please find the responses to the 'Let's Talk About Personal and Social Education' report below.

Evidence sessions

The Committee hosted a round-table discussion on Personal and Social Education (PSE) on Wednesday 22 February 2017. The Committee explored the main issues are in relation to the content and delivery of PSE. 

The Committee  heard from the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills on 8 March 2016.  That session covered a number of topics including the content and delivery of PSE.

Gathering views

The Committee was keen to hear the views of young people, teachers, parents and carers on PSE.

The Committee sought views on twitter, facebook and by email on this question: "What should personal and social education sessions be about?"

The deadline for submissions to the Committee was Monday 13 February 2017.

Your views

The Committee collected evidence from a number of sources.

Social Media


The Committee asked for short emails from young people, teachers, parents and other interested stakeholders.


The Committee also received a number of submissions to the Committee on this work from organisations and individuals.

Focus Groups

During January and February the Committee held a number of focus groups.  At three of these groups, a discussion on PSE took place.  The following note contains anonymised comments from the groups.


The Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills on 1 March 2017 in advance of the Cabinet Secretary's evidence session on 8 March 2017 regarding the themes raised in the Roundtable session on the 22 February 2017

Letter to Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills - 1 March 2017 (52KB pdf)

The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills wrote to the Convener regarding the launch of the Respect for All: The National Approach to Anti-Bullying for Scotland's Children and Young People.

Following responses to a survey on pathways for young people in Spring 2018, the Committee agreed to write to the Cabinet Secretary regarding the review of PSE.


The Committee will hold a joint debate with the Equalities and Human Rights Committee on Wednesday 15 November 2017.  The motion to be debated will be:

That the Parliament notes the findings and recommendations in the Equalities and Human Rights Committee’s 5th Report, 2017, (Session 5), It is not Cool to be Cruel: Prejudice-based bullying and harassment of children and young people in schools (SP Paper 185) and the Education and Skills Committee’s 7th Report, 2017 (Sessions 5), Let's Talk about Personal and Social Education (SP Paper 148).

Read a short briefing on the Committee's work on PSE (90KB pdf)

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