Destitution, Asylum and Insecure Immigration Status in Scotland


About the Inquiry

The Equalities and Human Rights Committee [EHRiC] is seeking views on the issue of destitution amongst asylum seekers, or those with insecure immigration status in Scotland.

The EHRiC has published an initial call for evidence (25 January), updated on 24 February, seeking the views of those seeking asylum, and other relevant stakeholders.

The remit of the inquiry has been broadened to those with insecure immigration status, following representations made to the Committee. Please see the call for evidence on the questions the Committee is seeking a response to and how to make a submission to the Committee- 

The closing date for submissions is 6pm on Wednesday 8 March 2017



Wednesday 25 January  - Launch of call for evidence

February/March - Committee fact finding visits

Wednesday 8 March - Close of call for evidence

Late March - Publication of written submissions

March/April - Oral evidence taking

May - Publication of Committee's findings and recommendations



Supplementary Submissions: