Sport for Everyone


About the Inquiry


The remit for this work is:

To consider the degree of progress made in recent years around access to, and participation in, sport in Scotland. 

To make recommendations in ensuring that the Commonwealth Games "Active Legacy" aims of increasing access to and participation in sport continue over the medium to long term.

The inquiry has three key strands that it will consider and assess:

  • Sport participation
  • Commonwealth Games Legacy
  • Barriers to Sport

The inquiry will have two phases.

Phase 1 of the inquiry will provide the Committee with an opportunity to consider a range of views from those stakeholders involved in the provision of sport facilities, sport clubs and sport activities and also to hear from those who do not currently participate in sport to determine the reasons and any potential barriers to their participation. 

A roundtable evidence session to explore the three main strands of the Committee inquiry will be followed by a series of fact-finding to consider examples of good practice.  The Committee will visit and meet with organisations and individuals which have achieved increases in participation rates and engagement with 'hard to reach groups' by breaking down barriers to engagement with sport.  The second strand of the visits will provide members with the opportunity to meet with individuals who are currently not participating in sport to explore the barriers to their engagment. 

The focus for phase 2 of the inquiry will be determined by the findings from phase 1.  For example the Committee may identify specific barriers to sport participation which it may wish to pursue in more detail as part of phase 2.


As part of the Inquiry the Committee agreed to carry out a survey to gather views on why people do or do not participate in sport or physical activity. The survey ran from 16 January until 7 February. 

There were a total of 3,046 completed responses to the survey.

The Committee recieved the following written submissions:


On 15 March the Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport regarding the funding of the jogscotland programme.