Children's Services


Children's Hearings System- Taking Stock of Reforms Report

The Committee undertook work reviewing the Children's Hearings System the report from this inquiry is below.

Call for Evidence – Taking stock of the Children’s Hearings system

The Education and Skills Committee has launched a short inquiry to take stock of issues in the Children’s Hearings system. Organisations and individuals are invited to send any written evidence to us by Monday 13 March 2017. 

Evidence for Children's Hearings

The Committee has received written evidence from stakeholders and experts.

The Committee heard evidence from stakeholders and experts

The Committee received a further report from the Scottish Legal Aid Board on Children's Legal Assistance.

Evidence 2016

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills - 29 June 2016

The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills gave evidence to the Committee on 29 June 2016.  In advance of this meeting, the Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary asking for a written statement on the Scottish Government's plans for Education and Skills policy in Session 5.

Meetings and visits in Stirling - 30/31 August 2016

To inform the further planned evidence sessions in September and October the Committee undertook a number of meetings and visits in Stirling.

Stakeholder evidence - 21 September 2016

The Committee received written and oral evidence from stakeholders and experts.

Oral Evidence

Read the Official Report of the meeting on 21 September 2016

Written Evidence 

SPICe Briefing

Scottish Government evidence - 2 November 2016


The Convener wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills seeking further information on issues raised during the evidence session on 2 November.  The Cabinet Secretary responded to this letter on 1 December 2016.

Action for Children Scotland wrote to the Committee regarding their research, evidence base and service delivery with key areas of interest including the future of National Training Programmes in the context of the devolved employability programmes, the National Child Protection Improvement Programme, and the Named Person Scheme.

COSLA wrote to the Committee on the role of education authorities with information relating to ASN, early years provision, attainment gap, Scottish Government Governance Review, education spend, and the Audit Scotland report on Teacher Workforce Planning.

The Convener wrote to the Minister for Childcare and Early Years regarding the planned action by the Scottish Government in relation to the impact of the UK Government decision to limit tax credit claims on funding for formal kinship care on 16 February.  The Committee received the Minister's response on 8 March 2017.

The Minister for Childcare and Early Years wrote to the Committee in June 2017 regarding the National Child Protection Leadership Group.