Major Capital Projects


Major Capital Projects

The Scottish Government provides the Committee with biannual updates on major capital projects, in response to recommendations contained within the Session 3 Public Audit Committee's report Major Capital Projects. These updates are provided in March and September each year.

Oral evidence session - 24 November 2016

The Committee took evidence on the September 2016 update from the Scottish Government. The Committee agreed to defer to a later meeting its consideration of whether to take further action. Please read the Official Report 24 November 2016 (601KB pdf)    

Meeting correspondence and follow-up

Oral evidence session - 1 June 2017

The Committee considered the March 2017 update and agreed to request that various pieces of new information be included in future updates provided by the Scottish Government. Please read the Official Report 1 June 2017 (519KB pdf)

Report produced by the Scottish Government:  

Oral evidence session -  7 December 2017  

The Committee took evidence on the Scottish Government's Major Capital Projects progress update from the Scottish Futures Trust, Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government. The Committee agreed to consider at a future meeting the format and content of progress updates. Please read the Official Report 7 December 2017 (431KB pdf)

Report produced by the Scottish Government:


Letter to Colin Cook from Convener 16 July 2018 (78KB pdf)

Letter from Peter Reekie to Convener 19 September 2018 (169KB pdf)

Letter from Jim Cuthbert to Convener 10 October 2018 (122KB pdf)




Major Capital Projects Progress update, September 2018 (611KB pdf)

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