Putting the environment at the heart of the Scottish Crown Estate is a welcome step forward, says Committee

A Holyrood Committee has welcomed the Scottish Crown Estate Bill in a report published today, while also suggesting ways it could be strengthened.

Holyrood Committee highlights concerns about the environmental impact of salmon farming

A Holyrood Committee has published a series of concerns about the environmental impacts of salmon farming in Scotland.

How will Brexit impact animal welfare and our environment? Asks Holyrood Committee

The environmental implications of Scotland leaving the EU will be put under the spotlight by a Holyrood Committee.

Scotland must make improvements to achieve the best air quality in Europe

A Holyrood Committee has outlined a number of recommendations in order for Scotland to try to achieve the cleanest air in Europe.

Does the Crown Estate Bill allow for the best running of Scotland’s land?

Can Scotland’s new Crown Estate Bill be improved? And does it allow for the best management of Scotland’s diverse landscapes and assets?

Holyrood Committee sets out findings on Scotland’s environment budget

A Holyrood Committee has outlined its findings on the budget allocated to the environment, which includes combatting climate change and investing in world-class research.

Locals who live on one of Scotland’s worst polluted streets meet Holyrood Committee

The impact of poor air quality on children, the elderly and local residents will be explored as a Holyrood Committee visits one of Scotland’s most polluted streets.

Scotland’s ban on travelling circus animals needs to be improved, says Committee

A new Bill that would stop the use of wild animals performing or being displayed in travelling circuses in Scotland needs to be strengthened, says a Holyrood Committee.

Parliamentary links reaffirmed by Holyrood delegation

The Scottish Parliament’s Presiding Officer, Ken Macintosh MSP, is to lead a delegation to Munich on a trip to strengthen parliamentary ties and support economic, cultural and environmental links between Scotland and Bavaria.

Are we doing enough to improve air quality in Scotland?

Can we do more to stop the damaging impact of air pollution in Scotland? And how can we put an end to urban areas with traffic-choked streets, which repeatedly breach EU air quality laws?

How can we improve Scotland’s approach to waste?

How much rubbish is generated in Scotland? And would “cash for trash” incentives help in changing wasteful behaviours?

Should Scotland ban wild animals in travelling circuses?

Is it ethically wrong to use wild animals in travelling circuses? This is one of the questions a Holyrood Committee will ask as it looks into animal welfare legislation.

Scotland’s ban on shortening of puppy dog tails to be examined

Should it be legal to shorten a puppy’s tail to prevent painful injury? This is one of the questions a Holyrood Committee will ask as it launches a call for evidence today.

Urgent action needed to stop damaging impact of deer

There’s no time to wait in addressing the challenges of wild deer across Scotland, warns a Holyrood committee.

Scottish wildlife groups must unite to fight crime

The “alarming distrust” between groups that tackle Scotland’s worst wildlife crimes must come to an end, a Committee has warned today.

Scotland must do more to decrease harmful emissions across all sectors

Climate change targets across all of Scotland’s sectors should be “equally challenging”, according to a Holyrood report published today.

Views sought on Scottish Government’s draft climate change plan

Four parliamentary committees have launched a joint call for views on the Scottish Government’s plan on how it will meet climate change targets from 2017 to 2032.

Deer Management in the Spotlight

A Parliamentary committee is to take evidence from a range of stakeholders following the publication today of a report by Scottish Natural Heritage on its review of Deer Management in Scotland.

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