The 2014/15 audit of Edinburgh College


The 2014/15 audit of Edinburgh College

Oral evidence sessions 

At its meeting on 6 October 2016, the Committee took oral evidence from the Auditor General for Scotland and Audit Scotland on the above report. The Committee agreed to take further oral evidence from Edinburgh College, Scottish Funding Council and Audit Scotland. You can read the Official Report here: Official Report of 6 October (582KB pdf)

At its meeting on 17 November 2016, the Committee took evidence from the Scottish Funding Council, the internal and external auditors of Edinburgh College, the Principal of Edinburgh College and the Chief Operating Officer of Edinburgh College. The Committee agreed to seek further information about the college. You can read the Official Report here: Official Report of 17 November 2016 (622KB pdf)

At its meeting on 22 December 2016, the Committee agreed, in private, to request further written submissions from Edinburgh College, trade unions and the Scottish Funding Council on the above report.

At its meeting on 2 March 2017, the Committee considered, in private, written submissions from EIS-FELA, Edinburgh College and the Scottish Funding Council. The Committee agreed to defer its further consideration of the 2014/15 audit of Edinburgh College.

The 2015/16 audit of Edinburgh College was laid in Parliament on 21 April 2017. The Committee's consideration of issues raised in the 2014/15 audit will be included in its work on the 2015/16 audit of Edinburgh College, which can be followed here.

6 October 2016 meeting correspondence

17 November 2016 meeting correspondence and follow-up

2 March 2017 meeting correspondence