Scrutiny of the draft budget 2017-18



Pictured: a selection of Scottish banknotes.

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution wrote to the Committee on 23 June 2016 proposing that Draft Budget 2017-18 is published after the UK Autumn Statement.  The Autumn Statement is normally published at the end of November or the beginning of December:

Related Correspondence:

Block Grant Adjustment:

Carbon Assessment:


Stage 2 Amendments:

Capital Borrowing:

Draft Budget Timetable:

Draft Budget Process:

Invitation to the Chief Secretary, to provide evidence to the Finance Committee following the UK Autumn Statement:

Debate on the Draft Budget 2017/18:

Subject Committee Guidance:

To assist in their scrutiny of the draft budget, the Committee has issued the following guidance to subject committees:

The Convener sent a letter to Subject Committees and the Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee:

Submission on Draft Budget 2017/18 from the Scottish Retail Consortium: