264/2012: Thursday 14 June 2012


Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body Question Time - 27 June 2012

Following the Parliament’s agreement to Business Motion S4M-03285 yesterday, an SPCB Question Time will take place on Wednesday 27 June, after Time for Reflection at 9.30 am.

Under Rule 13.9 of Standing Orders, oral questions to the SPCB can be lodged from today until 4.00 pm on Tuesday 19 June. Up to 12 questions will be randomly selected on 20 June and the selected questions will be published in the Business Bulletin on Thursday 21 June. Members are reminded that questions to the SPCB can be only on matters concerning the SPCB or the staff of the Parliament.

Summary of Today’s Business

Meeting of the Parliament

9.15 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Labour Party Business: Women’s Representation

followed by Scottish Labour Party Business: Women’s Health

11.40 am General Question Time

12.00 pm First Minister’s Question Time

2.00 pm Themed Question Time

Rural Affairs and the Environment
Justice and the Law Officers

2.40 pm Ministerial Statement: Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy

followed by Scottish Government Debate: Young People and Economic Growth

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.15 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business – S4M-02988 John Park: Celebrating Fife’s Outdoor Education Centre

For full details of today’s business, see Section A. For full details of the future business, see sections B and C.

Section A: Today's Business

Meetings of Committees and Meeting of the Parliament

Section C: Future Meetings of Committees

There is no information on future meetings of Committees in today's Business Bulletin

Section D: Oral Questions

Questions selected for First Minister’s Question Time and Questions selected for response by Ministers and Junior Scottish Ministers at Question Time

Section E: Written Questions

New Questions for Written Answer

Section G: Bills

New Bills introduced, new amendments to Bills and Members' Bills proposals

Section H: New Documents

New documents laid before the Parliament and Committee Reports published

Section I: Petitions

There is no information on Petitions in today's Business Bulletin

Section J: Progress of Legislation

Progress of Bills and Subordinate Legislation