Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time
  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published
  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business
  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support
  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk

New and altered motions and amendments

*S4M-01711 Patrick Harvie: Close The Door and Keep the Heat In Campaigns—That the Parliament recognises the benefits to business and the environment of the Close the Door campaign, which encourages retailers to make a significant contribution to reducing their overall environmental footprint while lowering their own business costs by keeping their doors closed, keeping heat in; notes that, in case studies, small shops saved about half their heating bills and 10 tonnes of CO2 with very little effect on trade; congratulates Friends of the Earth: Inverness and Ross and the Keep the Heat in Campaign, funded through the Climate Challenge Fund, which have encouraged local retailers to join this campaign, and shares their belief that more could be done to encourage others to follow suit to contribute to increased energy saving and CO2 reduction.

*S4M-01710♦ Colin Keir: Royal Highland Voted Top Show—That the Parliament commends the Royal Highland Show for being voted the top show in the UK by readers of the Preston-based Farmers Guardian; notes that the Royal Highland Show leads the list of major shows, beating the Great Yorkshire and the Royal Welsh shows into second and third place and that it was voted the best event for showcasing agriculture; believes that the award demonstrates the Royal Highland Show’s success in attracting more members of the public while retaining a core business element for farming and rural industry; observes that, in recent years, the show has grown to become what is considered one of the most important public events in Scotland, with an average of over 180,000 visitors per year and an estimated local and national economic impact of £70 million, and looks forward to the 2012 show, from 21 to 24 June, which will be the 172nd in total and the 52nd to be held at the permanent showground at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston in Edinburgh, sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland and with a host area from Dumfries and Galloway, which will feature local food and outdoor activities available in the region.

Supported by: Jim Eadie*, Jamie McGrigor*

*S4M-01709 James Dornan: Congratulations to Castlemilk Subzero—That the Parliament considers that volunteers play an important role in assisting young people to stay out of trouble; particularly welcomes the work done by Darren Stuart, Grant Syme and Robert Livingston, who set up Castlemilk Youth Complex Subzero to give the young people of Castlemilk somewhere to enjoy themselves by holding events hosted by DJs during weekend evenings; notes that each event has been attended by over 100 young people, has a strict no alcohol policy and generally has police in attendance; congratulates Subzero on managing to attract what it considers world class DJs, such as Angerfist from Holland and Radio Clyde’s George Bowie; believes that these events help to break down territorialism in Castlemilk; notes that the local police have said that these events have helped to keep the streets quiet while they are being held; further notes that youth organisations from other areas, most recently from Greenhills in East Kilbride, have contacted Subzero about running events in their areas to help combat youth disorder; welcomes the important support that Castlemilk Youth Bank, South East CHP and Cassiltoun Housing Association have given Subzero, and congratulates Subzero on playing such an important role in making life better for the young people of Castlemilk.

Supported by: Margaret Burgess*, George Adam*, Humza Yousaf*

*S4M-01708 James Dornan: Congratulations to Sandy Walls and the 29th Glasgow (1st Newlands) Scout Group—That the Parliament congratulates Hugh Alexander (Sandy) Walls on his recent award of Silver Wolf, the highest award in Scouting, which was presented to him by Scouting’s Chief Commissioner of Scotland; notes that Sandy has served the 29th Glasgow (1st Newlands) Scout Group for 47 years, 30 of them as group leader; further notes that the group, which was founded in 1919, has a number of sailing dinghies and safety powerboats that offer sailing, powerboating and kayaking to members and others making it one of only three scout groups in Scotland to be recognised by the Royal Navy, and acknowledges his distinguished service as a community leader, which it considers to be worth parliamentary recognition.

Supported by: Margaret Burgess*, Humza Yousaf*, Jamie McGrigor*

*S4M-01707 Margaret McDougall: Congratulations to West Kilbride and Irvine Harbourside—That the Parliament congratulates West Kilbride and Irvine Harbourside on being nominated for Creative Place Awards; notes that these awards aim to celebrate the value of creativity to the social and economic wellbeing of smaller communities across Scotland; congratulates West Kilbride on being nominated in the under 10,000 residents category in respect of Craft Town Scotland’s wish to develop a new series of exhibitions for the Barony Centre and Irvine Harbourside on being nominated in the under 100,000 residents category who wish to work with organisations from the creative, heritage, tourism and commercial sectors to develop a year-round cultural programme centred on the Harbourside; understands that nominees were chosen for the wide involvement of the whole community, as well as the creativity of their existing plans, and that category winners can receive up to £150,000, which will allow them to enhance their activity further, and wishes West Kilbride and Irvine Harbourside every success.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik*, Mary Fee*, Patricia Ferguson*, Margaret Burgess*, John Lamont*, Neil Bibby*

*S4M-01706 Margaret McDougall: Bronze Award for Safer North Ayrshire Partnership—That the Parliament congratulates the Safer North Ayrshire Partnership on receiving a bronze award from COSLA for the partnership’s multi-agency problem solving group; notes that this group has recorded excellent results in the reduction of antisocial behaviour and violent crime in its target areas, with antisocial behaviour falling by 12.97% in Pennyburn and 36.68% in Kilbirnie; understands that this is an innovative approach that engages with community representatives of all ages to assist in targeting the problems identified as priorities in those communities; considers community engagement a key priority when tackling antisocial behaviour, and hopes that more bodies adopt this approach.

Supported by: Mary Fee*, Claudia Beamish*, Kenneth Gibson*, Hanzala Malik*, Margaret Burgess*, Neil Bibby*

*S4M-01705 Stuart McMillan: Official Opening of Brucehill Community Pharmacy—That the Parliament welcomes the official opening of the Brucehill Community Pharmacy in Dumbarton; considers that community pharmacists play an important role in providing frontline healthcare throughout Scotland, acting as health educators and primary care health campaigners and that they are qualified experts in the most effective use of medicines and drug technology; further considers that community pharmacies, which are based throughout Scotland, are at the heart of communities, and wishes the Brucehill pharmacy every success for the future.

Supported by: Margaret Burgess*, Humza Yousaf*, Jim Eadie*, Kevin Stewart*, Bob Doris*, Marco Biagi*, Annabelle Ewing*, Hanzala Malik*, Jackie Baillie*

*S4M-01704 Annabel Goldie: Congratulations to Addiction Recovery Centre—That the Parliament congratulates the Addiction Recovery Centre in Kirkintilloch on its successful bid to the Bank of Scotland Foundation’s Small Grant Programme; notes that the centre has secured £6,500, and recognises that this funding will enable the centre to continue what it considers its sterling work, providing support to those seeking help to recover from addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling and helping to bring positive consequences for family members who are also affected by such addiction.

Supported by: John Lamont*, Liz Smith*, Nanette Milne*, Jamie McGrigor*

*S4M-01703 Margaret Burgess: WUKF European Karate Championships for Seniors and Veterans—That the Parliament recognises the successful efforts of Kilwinning businesswoman Shona Thorne in her work to secure North Ayrshire as the host of the fourth World Union of Karate-Do Federations (WUKF) European Karate Championships for Seniors and Veterans, which is scheduled to be held from 1 to 3 June 2012 at the Magnum Leisure Centre in Irvine; understands that the event will boost tourism to the local area by attracting over 600 competitors from all over Europe, and wishes Thorne Events, the Scottish Karate Association and the WUKF well in their work to ensure that the event is a success.

Supported by: Roderick Campbell*, Hanzala Malik*, Stuart McMillan*, Kenneth Gibson*, Jim Eadie*, Humza Yousaf*, Annabelle Ewing*

*S4M-01702 Kenneth Gibson: Smoking Remains a Serious Health Problem in Scotland—That the Parliament notes the findings of the recently updated ASH Scotland Smoking and Tobacco Statistics Fact Sheet, which highlights the prevalence, costs and significance of smoking in Scotland; acknowledges the continuous problem of smoking, with 24.2% of the adult population smoking and 44% of smokers living in the most deprived 10% of areas; notes that the 2010 prevalence target of 22% has therefore not been met; considers however that Scotland is on route to achieving the 2014 target for smoking rates in young people as the report noted the lowest levels since surveys began in 1982, with the prevalence rates for 13 and 15 year-old girls meeting the targets of 3% and 14% respectively; believes that there is a link between underage smoking and the availability and accessibility of tobacco, as more than 50% of 15-year-old smokers buy cigarettes from shops or request somebody else to buy them and, during test purchases, 16.7% of sales premises failed in their first visit from trading authorities; acknowledges the supportive public opinion toward reducing smoking, with 83% of Scottish adults supportive of the banning of smoking in public areas and an increase in the demand for cessation services, with 79% of smokers having made at least one to more than three attempts to quit smoking and 78% of adults favouring an increase in access to free local NHS cessation services; understands that smoking remains a severe problem in Scotland and that, with an increase of £600 million in market sales since 2009, the social costs will only continue to rise, and, in spite of great success with second-hand smoking, with exposure in public places having fallen to 7%, considers that the aim to reduce smoking and meet and maintain targets must remain a priority.

S4M-01701 Kevin Stewart: Congratulations to the Aberdeen Day Project and Special Olympics Grampian—That the Parliament congratulates Aberdeen Day Project Limited and Special Olympics Grampian Area on receiving £10,000 and £3,840 respectively from the Awards for All Big Lottery Fund; notes the success, over a number of years, of both initiatives in offering opportunities to people with learning difficulties; hopes that this funding will allow what it sees as their great work to help more individuals in the future, and wishes the five athletes and five coaches from Scotland travelling to Pila, Italy, for the Special Olympics Great Britain’s National Alpine Ski Championship the best of luck.

S4M-01700# Stewart Maxwell: Holocaust Memorial Day 2012—That the Parliament notes that 27 January 2012 marks Holocaust Memorial Day, the 67th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and an opportunity for schools, colleges, faith groups and communities across Scotland to remember the six million men, women and children murdered by the Nazi regime in occupied Europe; further notes that the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day 2012 is Speak Up, Speak Out; values the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz Project, which gives two post-16 students from every school and college in Scotland the opportunity to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau; applauds Katie McKenna and Dominic Bradley, two former students of St Ninian’s High School in East Dunbartonshire, who took part in the project and who will deliver the Parliament’s Time for Reflection message on 18 January 2012; celebrates the Holocaust survivors who have enriched Scotland as a nation, and re-commits to ensuring that racism, sectarianism and bigotry are never allowed to go unchallenged in Scotland.

Supported by: Siobhan McMahon, Mike MacKenzie*, Marco Biagi*, Chic Brodie*, Fiona McLeod*, Hugh Henry*, Maureen Watt*, Willie Coffey*, Murdo Fraser*, Annabelle Ewing*, Graeme Dey*, Margaret McCulloch*, Humza Yousaf*, John Park*, Drew Smith*, Jamie McGrigor*, Roderick Campbell*, Rob Gibson*, Jim Eadie*, Bob Doris*, Iain Gray*, Margaret Burgess*, Nanette Milne*, Hanzala Malik*, John Wilson*, Angus MacDonald*, David Torrance*, Mark McDonald*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Alex Fergusson*, Stuart McMillan*, Adam Ingram*, Kenneth Gibson*, Liam McArthur*, Michael McMahon*, Jackson Carlaw*, Kevin Stewart*, Christina McKelvie*, Bill Kidd*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Mary Fee*, Patricia Ferguson*, Richard Lyle*

S4M-01699 Bill Kidd: It is now Five Minutes to Midnight—That the Parliament notes with concern the announcement by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on 10 January 2012 that the minute hand on what the bulletin describes as its Doomsday Clock has been moved forward by one minute; acknowledges the role of the clock in serving as a regular reminder of the threat to humanity from nuclear weapons since 1947 and that latterly the clock has also included the risks from climate change and biosecurity; recognises the symbolism to the human race of the minute hand of the clock moving closer to midnight; commends the work of the Scottish Government in areas such as promoting renewable technologies and opposing weapons of mass destruction, and looks forward to a day when Scotland is an independent sovereign state contributing directly to international policies to address global challenges.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Stewart Maxwell, Stuart McMillan, Joe FitzPatrick, Kevin Stewart, Christina McKelvie, David Torrance, Bob Doris, Angus MacDonald, Mike MacKenzie*, John Mason*, Marco Biagi*, Fiona McLeod*, Maureen Watt*, Willie Coffey*, Annabelle Ewing*, Humza Yousaf*, John Finnie*, Adam Ingram*, Dave Thompson*, Richard Lyle*, Margaret Burgess*

S4M-01698 Paul Wheelhouse: Bill McLaren Foundation Bringing Rugby to Africa—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement by the Bill McLaren Foundation that it will support the Bhubesi Pride rugby project in Africa; welcomes news that the foundation, established in the name of whom it considers to be best loved "Teri" from Hawick and the Borders, will help take his legacy to some of the most underprivileged communities in the world by providing transport for the project; understands that the project aims to engage schools and communities in rugby across Africa by organising visits from experienced and qualified players; notes that the aim of the six-month project is to bring the game to people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa; believes that rugby will offer people from communities in these countries high value in terms of health, social involvement and enjoyment, and welcomes the way in which it believes that the project will bring the excitement of rugby to new players in these countries.

Supported by: Mike MacKenzie*, John Mason*, Hugh Henry*, Maureen Watt*, Chic Brodie*, Liam McArthur*, Willie Coffey*, Annabelle Ewing*, Humza Yousaf*, John Lamont*, Mark McDonald*, Roderick Campbell*, Rob Gibson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Nanette Milne*, Nigel Don*, David Torrance*, John Wilson*, Christine Grahame*, Stewart Maxwell*, Stuart McMillan*, Adam Ingram*, Angus MacDonald*, Christina McKelvie*, Kevin Stewart*, Jim Hume*, Jamie McGrigor*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Bill Kidd*, Richard Lyle*, Margaret Burgess*

S4M-01697 Mary Scanlon: Scottish Tourism Week—That the Parliament welcomes Scottish Tourism Week, which is set to run from 6 to 13 March 2012; considers the contribution that tourism makes to the economy of the Highlands and Islands and the whole of Scotland to be considerable; further notes figures from the Scottish Tourism Forum suggesting that there are 20,000 tourism businesses in Scotland, which generate £4.2 billion to Scotland per annum and employ over 215,000 people, representing more than 8% of the total workforce; encourages all members to sign up to support the campaign, I’m backing Scottish Tourism Week, and, with many people from the UK and abroad choosing Scotland as their holiday destination, wishes everyone in the industry a successful 2012.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Murdo Fraser, Alex Johnstone, Kenneth Gibson, Jamie McGrigor, Hanzala Malik, Liz Smith, Nanette Milne, Roderick Campbell, John Wilson, John Lamont, David Stewart, Gavin Brown, John Finnie, Liam McArthur, John Park, Joe FitzPatrick, Helen Eadie, John Scott, Angus MacDonald, Chic Brodie, Hugh Henry, Dennis Robertson, John Mason, Annabelle Ewing, Jackie Baillie, Alex Fergusson, Margaret Mitchell, Maureen Watt, Mike MacKenzie*, Fiona McLeod*, Margaret McCulloch*, Mark McDonald*, Jim Hume*, Paul Wheelhouse*

*S4M-01696 Marco Biagi: Welcome News on College Funding—That the Parliament welcomes the SNP government’s funding settlement for Scotland’s colleges announced on 11 January 2012; considers that this will meet the government’s pledge to maintain student numbers, providing continued opportunity for young people to participate in further education; further welcomes the £15 million College Transformational Fund to help colleges with the upfront costs of the reform process currently underway as well as an additional £30 million to help sustain youth employment, with a dedicated minister to oversee and coordinate Scottish Government action in this area; recognises the wider significance of the Opportunities for All programme guaranteeing a place in training or education for every 16 to 19-year-old, and believes that, even in the difficult economic circumstances of what it considers to be the UK Government’s recession, Scotland’s young people can be sure that their government is on their side and doing all that it can to ensure that young people have the rich range of real opportunities that they deserve.

S4M-01695 Margaret Mitchell: Barnardo’s Fostering and Adoption Week—That the Parliament acknowledges that 9 to 15 January 2012 is Barnardo’s Fostering and Adoption Week; understands that, throughout January, Barnardo’s Scotland will run its fostering and adoption campaign, which aims to encourage people to contact the charity about becoming foster carers or adopters; notes that the number of children in care who need foster families has more than doubled over the last 15 years and understands that it is now at an all-time high; considers that there is a general shortage of foster families across Scotland and that, over the next year, at least 1,700 new foster families will need to be found; understands that, in particular, foster families are needed for older children who might require extra support; further understands that Barnardo’s Scotland provides full training and support to potential foster carers, and hopes that this campaign will encourage members of the public to approach Barnardo’s Scotland and other charities offering fostering and adoption services about becoming foster carers.

Supported by: Joe FitzPatrick, Roderick Campbell, John Lamont, John Park, Jamie McGrigor, Mary Fee, Liz Smith, Nanette Milne, David Stewart, Graeme Dey, Gil Paterson, Dennis Robertson, Ruth Davidson, Richard Lyle, Mary Scanlon, David Torrance, Liam McArthur, Anne McTaggart*, Maureen Watt*, Marco Biagi*, Hugh Henry*, Fiona McLeod*, Murdo Fraser*, Mark McDonald*, Kevin Stewart*, Bob Doris*, Graeme Pearson*, Margaret Burgess*

S4M-01694 Bob Doris: Emergency Inhalers in Scottish Schools—That the Parliament welcomes the campaign supported by, among others, Asthma UK in Scotland that asks the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to make an exemption to the medicines regulations that would allow schools to hold emergency inhaler kits; understands that this would be in line with exemptions for other bodies such as the armed forces or mountain rescue services; recognises surveys suggesting that up to 60% of children with asthma have at some time found themselves at school without a working inhaler; believes that, although clear storage and safety procedures would have to be implemented in schools should an exemption be permitted, any such concerns can be overcome, and supports such an exemption to the regulations which, it considers, would ensure that children have access to an inhaler that could save a life in an emergency.

Supported by: Mary Fee, Rob Gibson, David Torrance, Paul Wheelhouse, Roderick Campbell, Richard Lyle, Stuart McMillan, Graeme Dey, Bill Kidd, Colin Beattie, Angus MacDonald, Chic Brodie, Dennis Robertson, Joe FitzPatrick, Richard Simpson, Gordon MacDonald, John Mason, Jackson Carlaw, Annabelle Ewing, Jackie Baillie, Mike MacKenzie*, Maureen Watt*, Liam McArthur*, Hugh Henry*, Bill Walker*, Humza Yousaf*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-01693 Margaret Mitchell: BioCity Scotland Ltd—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement that the former MSD research facility site at Newhouse in North Lanarkshire has been generously gifted by MSD to BioCity Scotland Ltd in order to develop a dedicated centre for the bioscience, pharmaceutical and medical industries in Central Scotland; notes that this is a joint venture between BioCity Nottingham and Roslin Biocentre; acknowledges that the development, which has been supported by Lanarkshire Enterprise and North Lanarkshire Council, will provide for rent over 130,000 square feet of purpose-built laboratories and offices with access to state-of-the art equipment and on-site business support for new and growing companies; considers that the site will complement the already strong, developing life sciences industry in Scotland as well as drug recovery and commercialisation and will provide a significant boost to the life sciences and healthcare sectors in the central region; understands that Scotland’s and Lanarkshire’s reputation for research and life sciences played an important part in BioCity’s decision to establish this centre of excellence in North Lanarkshire, and hopes that the commercial operation of the site will attract investment, tenants in addition to the two announced on 11 January 2012, universities and other organisations to become involved and that the objective of creating an environment that stimulates the rapid commercial exploitation of leading-edge innovations will be realised and in turn will create jobs to boost the local economy.

Supported by: John Lamont, Mike MacKenzie, Jackson Carlaw, Nanette Milne, Kenneth Gibson, Murdo Fraser, Jamie McGrigor, Margaret Burgess, Jamie Hepburn, John Pentland, Ruth Davidson

S4M-01693.1 Richard Lyle: BioCity Scotland Ltd—As an amendment to motion S4M-01693 in the name of Margaret Mitchell (BioCity Scotland Ltd), insert at end “, and acknowledges the assistance of the Scottish Government and the work done by members of that government to bring this to fruition”.

S4M-01692 Kevin Stewart: North Sea Investment—That the Parliament welcomes the analysis by Wood MacKenzie that shows that capital investment in the oil industry stood at £7.5 billion in 2011, an all-time high; believes that investment could have been even greater if the UK Government had not created what it considers an unstable fiscal regime by increasing oil taxation; considers that North Sea oil and gas production will continue for many decades to come, and believes that this investment blows out of the water what it considers the myth peddled by the UK Government that companies are unwilling to invest in Scotland because of the independence debate.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, John Mason, Richard Lyle, Angus MacDonald, Humza Yousaf, George Adam, Jamie Hepburn, Dennis Robertson, Adam Ingram, Christina McKelvie, Rob Gibson, Margaret Burgess, Mark McDonald, Bob Doris, Graeme Dey, Maureen Watt, David Torrance, Gil Paterson, Chic Brodie, Bill Kidd, Bill Walker, Annabelle Ewing, Mike MacKenzie*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Dave Thompson*

S4M-01691 Kevin Stewart: Congratulations to Aberdeen Airport—That the Parliament congratulates Aberdeen Airport on achieving an increase in passengers from 2.8 million in 2010 to 3.1 million in 2011; welcomes the contribution of its £10 million runway extension and new routes to Baku, Frankfurt and Dublin to the economy of Aberdeen City and Shire, and wishes Aberdeen Airport well in its future endeavours to create a £5 million major expansion of international arrivals, set to be carried out until 2019, a plan to boost capacity in the terminal as part of a two-year £3 million upgrade, and the opening of a £750,000 car rental facility.

Supported by: Dennis Robertson, Jamie Hepburn, Mark McDonald, Humza Yousaf, Nanette Milne, Graeme Dey, Richard Lyle, Adam Ingram, Stuart McMillan, Bill Walker, Margaret Burgess, Kenneth Gibson, Angus MacDonald, Roderick Campbell, Maureen Watt, David Torrance, Bill Kidd, Annabelle Ewing, Mike MacKenzie*

S4M-01690 Patricia Ferguson: Save Glasgow’s Local Train Services—That the Parliament recognises the importance of local train services to commuters in Glasgow; notes Transport Scotland’s publication, Rail 2014 - Public Consultation, which calls into question the future of railway stations within one mile of another station; expresses concern that nine of the 14 stations identified in this category, Ashfield, Barnhill, Duke Street, Gilshochill, Kelvindale, Kennishead, Maryhill, Mosspark and Nitshill, are in Glasgow and that five of these are on the Anniesland to Queen Street via Ashfield line; notes that each of the nine stations has seen an increase in passenger numbers over the last two years, with Ashfield seeing a 32% increase during this time; further notes that passenger numbers has increased by 189% and 145% at the threatened Gilshochill and Possilpark and Parkhouse stations since 2005; also notes the ongoing Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Plan consultation, which, it understands, threatens the future of a direct train service to Glasgow Queen Street on the Ashfield line; believes that these changes would restrict access and deter the use of local rail services in Glasgow and will inevitably make it more difficult for local residents to travel to work, and access health and leisure facilities, and calls on the Scottish Government to reassure rail commuters in Glasgow that these stations and services will be protected.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack, Jackie Baillie, Mary Fee, Hugh Henry, Drew Smith, Neil Bibby, John Pentland, David Stewart, Anne McTaggart, James Kelly, Hanzala Malik, Paul Martin, Patrick Harvie

S4M-01689 Mary Fee: Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2012—That the Parliament congratulates the University of the West of Scotland student, Richy Muirhead, on the creation of the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMA), which aims to recognise and award developing bands and artists in Scotland in various genres; notes that SAMA is entering its third year with the event on 1 March 2012 at the Glasgow Garage; highlights what it considers the importance of recognising new music in Scotland, particularly at a time when the BBC is considering axing Introducing in Scotland, a radio show that aims to find the best new cutting-edge and undiscovered music talent in Scotland, and further congratulates Richy Muirhead on winning the 2011 West Sound Community Awards Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Supported by: Graeme Pearson, Stuart McMillan, Kenneth Gibson, Gordon MacDonald, David Torrance, Patricia Ferguson, Jenny Marra, Sarah Boyack, Sandra White, Hugh Henry, Drew Smith, Lewis Macdonald, Fiona McLeod, Malcolm Chisholm, Anne McTaggart, Jim Eadie, Bill Kidd, Mike MacKenzie, Jackie Baillie, Liam McArthur, Margaret Burgess, Jamie Hepburn, Annabel Goldie, Gil Paterson, Dennis Robertson, Kevin Stewart

S4M-01688 Richard Lochhead: Prohibited Procedures on Protected Animals (Exemptions) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2012 [draft]—That the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee recommends that the Prohibited Procedures on Protected Animals (Exemptions) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2012 [draft] be approved.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson

S4M-01687 Derek Mackay: Local Electoral Administration (Scotland) Act 2011 (Consequential Amendments) Order 2012 [draft]—That the Local Government and Regeneration Committee recommends that the Local Electoral Administration (Scotland) Act 2011 (Consequential Amendments) Order 2012 [draft] be approved.

Supported by: John Swinney

S4M-01686 Nicola Sturgeon: Public Services Reform (Social Services Inspections) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2012 [draft]—That the Health and Sport Committee recommends that the Public Services Reform (Social Services Inspections) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2012 [draft] be approved.

Supported by: Michael Matheson

S4M-01685 Richard Lochhead: Marine Licensing (Exempted Activities) (Scottish Inshore and Offshore Regions) Amendment Order 2012 [draft]—That the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee recommends that the Marine Licensing (Exempted Activities) (Scottish Inshore and Offshore Regions) Amendment Order 2012 [draft] be approved.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson

S4M-01684 Nicola Sturgeon: Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (Excepted Services) Regulations 2012 [draft]—That the Health and Sport Committee recommends that the Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (Excepted Services) Regulations 2012 [draft] be approved.

Supported by: Michael Matheson

S4M-01683# Helen Eadie: Celebrating the Value of Co-operatives Internationally—That the Parliament congratulates the UN General Assembly on declaring 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives; welcomes the UN’s efforts to raise public awareness of what it considers to be the invaluable contributions of these enterprises to poverty reduction, employment generation and social integration; understands that they have over one billion people members around the world; acknowledges their role in Cowdenbeath and across Scotland in a range of sectors including community retail, housing, agriculture and energy; understands that there are 473 in Scotland with a combined turnover of £3.4 billion, and applauds the role of Co-operative Development Scotland in supporting their development in Scotland.

Supported by: Margaret McCulloch, Mary Fee, Drew Smith, Iain Gray, Annabelle Ewing, Lewis Macdonald, John Wilson, Hanzala Malik, Patricia Ferguson, John Park, James Kelly, Sarah Boyack, Fiona McLeod, Maureen Watt, Jim Eadie, Roderick Campbell, Mike MacKenzie, Claudia Beamish, Chic Brodie, David Stewart, Anne McTaggart, Jackie Baillie, Paul Martin, Bill Kidd, Neil Bibby, Christine Grahame, Jamie Hepburn, Gil Paterson, Dave Thompson*

S4M-01682 Fiona McLeod: Congratulations to Gartconner Primary School and Nursery Class and Lenzie Academy—That the Parliament congratulates Gartconner Primary School and Nursery Class and Lenzie Academy on their recent HMIE reports, which recognised what was considered to be outstanding performances by both schools; believes that great teamwork and relationships have been formed between teachers, pupils and parents at both schools, and considers that this has led to young people who are motivated to learn and achieve with enthusiasm in a positive environment.

Supported by: Adam Ingram, Rob Gibson, Kevin Stewart, Annabelle Ewing, Dennis Robertson, Richard Lyle, David Torrance, Humza Yousaf, Stuart McMillan, Margaret Burgess, Jamie McGrigor, Neil Bibby, Jim Eadie, Bill Kidd, Mark McDonald, Sandra White, Mike MacKenzie, Jamie Hepburn, Gil Paterson, Bob Doris*

S4M-01681 Mary Fee: Glasgow Airport Numbers Grow in 2011—That the Parliament congratulates BAA on achieving a 5.1% increase in passengers to almost 6.9 million in 2011 from 2010; believes that this recent announcement by BAA represents a massive boost to the local population and economy, only months after BAA announced that it would not sell Glasgow Airport; considers that increased passenger numbers provide a significant economic boost to Renfrewshire in times of economic instability, and further believes that Renfrewshire, as "Gateway" to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, will provide further economic advantages to the area through increases in tourism and employment.

Supported by: David Stewart, Drew Smith, Hugh Henry, Kevin Stewart, Anne McTaggart, Patricia Ferguson, John Pentland, Richard Lyle, Jackson Carlaw, Jackie Baillie, Humza Yousaf, Kenneth Gibson, Mike MacKenzie, Neil Bibby, Sandra White, Margaret Burgess, Annabel Goldie

S4M-01680 Humza Yousaf: 10 Years of Guantanamo Bay is 10 Years of Injustice—That the Parliament condemns the continued presence of Guantanamo Bay detention camp 10 years on from when the camp first opened; understands that, although the camp has been operational for over 3,650 days and has detained 779 prisoners, only six convictions have been secured; considers Guantanamo Bay detention camp to be utterly abhorrent and an affront to the values of democratic justice; believes it to be completely counterproductive in the fight against extremism; acknowledges that, although he was cleared for release in 2007, one British citizen is still incarcerated, and urges all partners to work together to secure his release and, if necessary, stand trial in the UK.

Supported by: Mike MacKenzie*, Neil Findlay*, Fiona McLeod*, Angus MacDonald*, Kevin Stewart*, Willie Coffey*, Annabelle Ewing*, Richard Lyle*, Adam Ingram*, Bill Kidd*, John Finnie*, Bob Doris*, Mark McDonald*, David Torrance*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Christine Grahame*, Roderick Campbell*, Margaret Burgess*

S4M-01679 Rob Gibson: Common Agricultural Policy—That the Parliament notes the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee’s ongoing scrutiny of the European Commission’s proposed reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.

S4M-01675 Roderick Campbell: Fifth Fife Jazz Festival—That the Parliament welcomes the forthcoming fifth Fife Jazz Festival to be held between 3 and 5 February 2012, which will see a wide range of jazz and blues musicians play across North East Fife and the rest of the Kingdom; recognises what it considers the cultural importance of this creative event taking place in communities such as St Monans, Strathmiglo, Crail and St Andrews; welcomes the one-off performance of accordionist Jack Emblow in Jimmy Shand’s hometown of Auchtermuchty, and encourages people of all ages from all parts of the country to immerse themselves in this cultural event in the Year of Creative Scotland 2012.

Supported by: Mike MacKenzie, Annabelle Ewing, Jamie McGrigor, Clare Adamson, Bill Kidd, Dennis Robertson, Bill Walker, Chic Brodie, Kenneth Gibson, Adam Ingram, Colin Beattie, Kevin Stewart, Margaret Burgess, Willie Coffey, Richard Lyle, Maureen Watt, Bob Doris, Jean Urquhart, Jamie Hepburn, David Torrance, Mark McDonald, Gil Paterson, Paul Wheelhouse*, Stuart McMillan*

S4M-01674 Christine Grahame: Poverty in Peebles circa 1857—That the Parliament notes the opening of The Landmarks of Peebles at Tweeddale Museum, which offers what it considers a unique glimpse into the darker side of Peebles’ history, featuring plans of the Peebles Union Poorhouse, which opened in 1857, and notes that architect’s drawings hidden away for over a century clearly show the total separation of families in the building, giving a chilling insight into a place that must have been feared and shunned by local people and providing a reminder of attitudes to poverty thankfully consigned to the past.

Supported by: Humza Yousaf, Joan McAlpine, Annabelle Ewing, Dennis Robertson, Stuart McMillan, Mark McDonald, Mike MacKenzie, Bill Kidd, Adam Ingram, Colin Beattie, Kevin Stewart, Margaret Burgess, Roderick Campbell, Richard Lyle, Jamie Hepburn, David Torrance, Jim Eadie, Gil Paterson, Hanzala Malik*, Paul Wheelhouse*

S4M-01673 Roderick Campbell: Chemistry Map of Scotland—That the Parliament congratulates the University of St Andrews School of Chemistry on developing a new, interactive Chemistry Map of Scotland in memory of the late Dr Nigel Botting, who conceived the idea; understands that the map is an online resource that can be viewed and updated by Scottish school pupils to learn about the past and present of chemical research and discovery across the nation, and commends the Royal Society of Chemistry on promoting the map as an educational tool that will enrich the learning experience of a new generation of young Scottish scientists.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, George Adam, Kenneth Gibson, Dennis Robertson, Liam McArthur, Drew Smith, Margaret Burgess, Bill Kidd, Mike MacKenzie, Bill Walker, Rob Gibson, Clare Adamson, Humza Yousaf, Maureen Watt, Annabelle Ewing, Mark McDonald, Willie Rennie, Adam Ingram, Colin Beattie, Kevin Stewart, Gordon MacDonald, Hugh Henry, Joe FitzPatrick, Jamie Hepburn, David Torrance, Jamie McGrigor, John Mason, Jim Eadie, Gil Paterson, Angus MacDonald*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Dave Thompson*

S4M-01672 Graeme Dey: 125 Years of the Church of Scotland Women’s Guild—That the Parliament congratulates the Church of Scotland Guild, formerly the Women’s Guild, on reaching its 125th anniversary in 2012; considers that, since its establishment, it has had a long-serving dedication to providing women with a stronger voice in a male-dominated civic society; understands that its inception was inspired by examples of women playing a leading role in their communities, such as the fisher women of Scotland; believes that the fisher women’s legacy in the coastal towns and villages of Angus has significantly contributed to the advancement of the role and responsibilities of women in Scottish society; considers that the guild’s campaigns have assisted in advancing the right of women to vote, the temperance movement and the establishment of the welfare state; further notes that the guild’s international work continues to this day, with projects tackling drugs, prostitution and AIDS, and that, in the past, its work has included sending 3,000 layettes to German mothers following the Second World War and boycotting South African goods in order to highlight apartheid, and believes that it continues to play an important role in society for both men and women and has a bright future in tackling inequality in Scotland and across the world.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, David Stewart, Bill Walker, Kenneth Gibson, Gil Paterson, Margaret Burgess, Bill Kidd, Humza Yousaf, Mike MacKenzie, Annabelle Ewing, Mark McDonald, Dennis Robertson, Adam Ingram, Kevin Stewart, Anne McTaggart, Willie Coffey, Maureen Watt, Alex Fergusson, John Mason, Jamie Hepburn, David Torrance, Jim Eadie, Roderick Campbell, Nigel Don, Angus MacDonald*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Dave Thompson*

S4M-01671 Willie Coffey: Happy Birthday to Margaret McDowall—That the Parliament congratulates Margaret McDowall, considered to be a role model and inspiration to young people and athletes, on her 76th birthday; believes that Margaret is and should be a positive example to young people, especially girls, in Scotland and particularly in Ayrshire and her native town of Kilmarnock, and commends her athletic triumphs, in particular when, at 18 years old, she won a swimming gold medal for the Scottish team at the 1954 Commonwealth Games in Vancouver.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, George Adam, Bill Walker, Kenneth Gibson, Dennis Robertson, Margaret Burgess, Gil Paterson, Jim Hume, Bill Kidd, Maureen Watt, Mike MacKenzie, Clare Adamson, Annabelle Ewing, Adam Ingram, Colin Beattie, Kevin Stewart, Bob Doris, Roderick Campbell, Gordon MacDonald, Jamie Hepburn, David Torrance, Jim Eadie, Mark McDonald

S4M-01670 Bill Kidd: Congratulations to Momentum Scotland—That the Parliament congratulates Momentum Scotland on its success in being awarded an Investing in Communities, Life Transitions grant of £793,061 from the Big Lottery Fund; understands that the funding will go toward the Strathclyde Momentum Programme, which aims to provide a pathway to employment for disabled people, and that it will also be used for supported employment through confidence and motivation building and accredited qualifications and training places; believes that the project will benefit economically inactive disabled people in Glasgow, Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire; notes that this three-stage programme aims to support 900 disabled people in identifying their training needs and goals, undertaking work preparation activities and accessing specialist support to enter the labour market, and commends Momentum Scotland on its continued success and contributions to the community.

Supported by: Mark McDonald, Kenneth Gibson, Richard Lyle, George Adam, Dennis Robertson, Margaret Burgess, Gil Paterson, Maureen Watt, Rob Gibson, Humza Yousaf, Mike MacKenzie, Annabelle Ewing, Adam Ingram, Colin Beattie, Kevin Stewart, Bob Doris, Anne McTaggart, Willie Coffey, Hugh Henry, Jackie Baillie, James Dornan, Jamie Hepburn, David Torrance, John Mason, Jim Eadie, Hanzala Malik*, Paul Wheelhouse*

S4M-01669 Jackie Baillie: Patience Named as First Scot in the Great British Olympic Team—That the Parliament congratulates Luke Patience, from Rhu, on being the first Scottish athlete to be confirmed as a member of the Great British Olympic Team for the 2012 Olympic Games; notes that Luke will compete with his team mate, Stuart Bithell, in the men’s 470 sailing event; further notes that only one boat per nation is entered and, as a result, selection is highly competitive; understands that Luke and Stuart have been working together since 2009 and won silver in the world championships in 2009 before going on to win silver again in December 2011 at the world championships in Perth; congratulates both these sportsman on what it considers their outstanding achievements thus far, and wishes them every success at the London 2012 Olympics.

Supported by: Neil Findlay, Mike MacKenzie, John Pentland, Anne McTaggart, Jamie McGrigor, Kevin Stewart, Liam McArthur, Maureen Watt, John Mason, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Drew Smith, Margaret Mitchell, Margaret Burgess, Patricia Ferguson, Angus MacDonald, Colin Beattie, Elaine Smith, Dennis Robertson, Jackson Carlaw, Jamie Hepburn, Neil Bibby, Jim Eadie, Annabel Goldie, Hanzala Malik*

S4M-01668 Margaret Mitchell: Scottish Ambulance Service’s Falls Service—That the Parliament welcomes the roll-out of the Scottish Ambulance Service’s Falls Service across Scotland; notes that pilot programmes have already taken place for falls patients in Falkirk and North Lanarkshire; acknowledges that the Scottish Ambulance Service has been working with the Long Term Conditions Collaborative to improve the pre-hospital care of patients with long-term conditions and in particular those who have fallen; further notes that under the pilot programme the fall was treated as a tracer condition to identify the reasons for the fall and to help manage the risk of future falls; recognises that evaluation of the pilot schemes showed that the risk of future falls decreased and that fewer patients required hospital admission due to the tracer condition approach; further acknowledges that in Scotland approximately 30% of 65-year-olds and 50% of people over 80 will fall each year, leading to 35,000 calls to the Scottish Ambulance Service and that, as Scotland’s aging population grows, it is predicted that the number of falls-related calls to the service will increase, and considers that the national roll-out of the Falls Service will help to reduce the number of falls each year.

Supported by: Jim Hume, Nanette Milne, Mike MacKenzie, Murdo Fraser, John Lamont, Kevin Stewart, Jamie McGrigor, John Mason, Angus MacDonald, Maureen Watt, Elaine Smith, Colin Beattie, Jackson Carlaw, Jackie Baillie, Margaret Burgess, Hugh Henry, Jamie Hepburn, Annabel Goldie, John Finnie, Ruth Davidson, Hanzala Malik*

S4M-01666# Stuart McMillan: Cable and Metal Theft—That the Parliament is concerned at reports of an increased number of cable and metal thefts occurring throughout Scotland; welcomes the current consultation that is being conducted by the Scottish Government on expanding the scope of the licensing scheme for metal dealers; notes the recent incident at Greenock West railway station, where more than 70 tonnes of rail track was stolen at an estimated cost of £150,000; further notes that recent details released by British Transport Police suggested that more than £1 million worth of metal has been stolen from Scotland’s railways since 2008; considers that metal theft is an ever-increasing problem that affects a growing number of areas and organisations including churches, hospitals, schools and railways, and would welcome widespread cooperation to tackle the problem and to demonstrate to those considering carrying out such acts of theft that they will be caught and dealt with accordingly.

Supported by: Jean Urquhart, Richard Lyle, Angus MacDonald, Chic Brodie, Margaret Burgess, Mike MacKenzie, Kenneth Gibson, Roderick Campbell, Bob Doris, Kevin Stewart, Bill Walker, Humza Yousaf, Gordon MacDonald, Rob Gibson, Paul Wheelhouse, Murdo Fraser, Adam Ingram, John Mason, Gil Paterson, Mark McDonald, Maureen Watt, Annabelle Ewing, Colin Beattie, Joe FitzPatrick, Bill Kidd, Dennis Robertson, David Torrance, Jim Eadie, John Finnie

S4M-01664 Stuart McMillan: Congratulating First Queen’s Scout of 2012—That the Parliament congratulates Martin Keane of 32nd Greenock and District Scout Group, who, on New Year’s Day, became the first Queen’s Scout of 2012; also congratulates Matthew and Dominic Hurrell of the same troop, who are to receive Queen’s Scout awards later in 2012; commends the example that these young men have set for others in their community, and considers that the scouting movement continues to play an important role in the development of personal and social skills as well as prospects and opportunities for young people throughout the world.

Supported by: Jamie McGrigor, Rob Gibson, Bill Walker, Kevin Stewart, Richard Lyle, Neil Bibby, Margaret Burgess, Mike MacKenzie, Roderick Campbell, Bob Doris, Colin Beattie, Adam Ingram, Jackson Carlaw, David Torrance, Gil Paterson, Dennis Robertson, Annabelle Ewing, Bill Kidd, Jamie Hepburn, Fiona McLeod, Jim Eadie, Annabel Goldie

S4M-01596 Elaine Murray: Independence Referendum, Let Wallace Vote—That the Parliament notes that for generations Scots have taken up opportunities to work in other parts of the UK and beyond and that many have subsequently returned to Scotland to use the skills and experiences that they have gained elsewhere; understands that Scots working outwith Scotland at the time of the independence referendum will not be eligible to vote on Scotland’s constitutional future whereas anyone eligible to be on the electoral register in Scotland will be entitled to vote; believes that Scots living outwith Scotland should be able to register to vote in the independence referendum on the same basis as expatriate UK citizens can vote in UK elections, and congratulates Dumfries-born James Wallace on his online campaign, letwallacevote, to bring this issue to the attention of the public.

S4M-01586# Mark McDonald: Changing the January Pay Date—That the Parliament notes that many public and private sector organisations pay their staff early in December to facilitate a payroll shutdown, but that the pay date for January remains at the end of the month; further notes that this means that workers have to ensure that their December pay lasts for around six weeks, covering both Christmas and New Year, while January pay only has to last for four weeks due to the shorter month of February; considers that this increases the pressure on the budgets of Scottish households and further increases the likelihood of people turning to payday loans at the end of January; further notes that Aberdeen City Council has altered its January pay date by moving it to the penultimate week of the month, thus creating a five-week period for the December and January pay windows, and *believes that a similar approach across the public and private sector would* ease pressure on Scottish household budgets.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn, Hugh Henry, John Mason, Angus MacDonald, Mike MacKenzie, Adam Ingram, Liam McArthur, Richard Lyle, Margaret Burgess, Graeme Dey, Chic Brodie, Maureen Watt, Kevin Stewart, Bill Kidd, Dave Thompson, Roderick Campbell, David Torrance, Margaret McDougall, Paul Wheelhouse, Joe FitzPatrick*, John Park*, Bob Doris*, Drew Smith*, Stuart McMillan*, Willie Coffey*, Annabelle Ewing*, Humza Yousaf*, Mark Griffin*

S4M-01065 Joan McAlpine: Save Introducing in Scotland—That the Parliament expresses its concern that the BBC is considering scrapping Introducing in Scotland, a radio show based at Pacific Quay in Glasgow that aims to find the best new unsigned music talent in Scotland, as part of the BBC’s so-called Delivering Quality First plans; believes that giving new artists a platform for their music is a valuable public service; considers that the show’s producers and presenters, Ally McCrae and, previously, Vic Galloway, have done valuable work over the last 11 years in giving new talent exposure to the listening public; is further concerned that, if such programmes are centralised to London, unsigned musicians from Scotland will have less coverage; notes the support for Introducing in Scotland; notes that the petition to save it has received nearly 6,000 signatures in less than one week, and further notes that the petition is available for signing at:

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S4M-01663 2012, Year of Scotland’s Islands ­(lodged on 06 January 2012) Margaret Mitchell, Jackson Carlaw, Mary Scanlon, John Finnie, Kevin Stewart, John Lamont, Joan McAlpine, Drew Smith, Tavish Scott, Maureen Watt, Mike MacKenzie, Jim Eadie, Angus MacDonald, Kenneth Gibson, Richard Lyle, Jackie Baillie, Murdo Fraser, Dennis Robertson, Colin Beattie, Jean Urquhart, Annabel Goldie, Gil Paterson, Rhoda Grant, Annabelle Ewing, Ruth Davidson, Jamie Hepburn, Dave Thompson

S4M-01662 Big Energy Week ­(lodged on 06 January 2012) Sarah Boyack, Elaine Murray, Claire Baker, Colin Beattie, Rhoda Grant, Mike MacKenzie, Anne McTaggart, Malcolm Chisholm, James Kelly, David Stewart, Ken Macintosh, Hugh Henry, Claudia Beamish, Hanzala Malik, Drew Smith, Jackie Baillie, Patricia Ferguson, Liam McArthur, Margaret McCulloch, Humza Yousaf, Neil Bibby, John Park, Mary Scanlon, Dave Thompson*

S4M-01661 Westray’s Well in the Warm Heart of Africa ­(lodged on 04 January 2012) John Finnie, Elaine Smith, Kevin Stewart, Richard Lyle, Jim Hume, Sarah Boyack, Rhoda Grant, Jamie Hepburn, Elaine Murray, Roderick Campbell

S4M-01660 Lanarkshire Breastfeeding Initiative’s 2012 Calendar ­(lodged on 23 December 2011) Kevin Stewart, Richard Lyle, Colin Beattie, Jean Urquhart, Sarah Boyack, Jamie Hepburn

S4M-01659 Independent Scottish Accountancy Firm Wins Award ­(lodged on 23 December 2011) Kenneth Gibson, Mike MacKenzie, Jamie McGrigor, David Torrance, Gil Paterson, Colin Beattie, Richard Lyle, Margaret Burgess, Hugh Henry, Jamie Hepburn, Hanzala Malik*

S4M-01658 US Military Action in Pakistan ­(lodged on 23 December 2011) Dennis Robertson, Annabelle Ewing, Jamie Hepburn, John Finnie

S4M-01657 Perth City Status 2012 ­(lodged on 22 December 2011) Margaret Mitchell, Mary Scanlon, Kevin Stewart, John Lamont, Jim Eadie, Richard Lyle, Dennis Robertson, Alex Fergusson, Annabel Goldie, Annabelle Ewing, Alison McInnes, Joe FitzPatrick, Bill Kidd, Roderick Campbell

S4M-01656 Dunfermline, Ancient Capital of Scotland ­(lodged on 22 December 2011) John Pentland, Dennis Robertson, Nanette Milne, Margaret Burgess, Colin Beattie, Kenneth Gibson, Jamie McGrigor, John Lamont, Jim Hume, Kevin Stewart, Jean Urquhart, Richard Lyle, Chic Brodie, Angus MacDonald, Joan McAlpine, Mike MacKenzie, Willie Rennie, Jackson Carlaw, Annabelle Ewing, Ruth Davidson, Bill Kidd, Fiona McLeod, John Park, Jim Eadie, Roderick Campbell

S4M-01655 Assistance Dogs are Working Dogs Too ­(lodged on 23 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell, Roderick Campbell, John Finnie, Kevin Stewart, Maureen Watt, Jim Eadie, Mike MacKenzie, Bob Doris, Richard Lyle, Adam Ingram, Gil Paterson, Stuart McMillan, Annabelle Ewing, Joe FitzPatrick, Alison Johnstone, Jamie Hepburn, Fiona McLeod, Dave Thompson

S4M-01654 Protecting Access to Justice across Scotland ­(lodged on 22 December 2011) Elaine Murray, John Lamont, John Park

S4M-01651 Closure of the Christie Ward ­(lodged on 22 December 2011) Margaret McDougall, Graeme Pearson

S4M-01650 Sensational Play ­(lodged on 22 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell, Jim Eadie

S4M-01649 National Youth Brass Band of Scotland ­(lodged on 22 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01648 Mid Deeside Limited ­(lodged on 22 December 2011) Jean Urquhart

S4M-01644 Drum Brae Library and Community Hub Project ­(lodged on 21 December 2011) Marco Biagi, Richard Lyle, Maureen Watt, Bob Doris, Willie Coffey, Gordon MacDonald, Roderick Campbell, James Dornan, David McLetchie, Jim Eadie, Hanzala Malik*, Angus MacDonald*

S4M-01643 Chris Paterson Tribute ­(lodged on 21 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01642 BBC Responsibility to Provide In-depth Analysis of News and Current Affairs ­(lodged on 21 December 2011) Elaine Smith, Stewart Maxwell, John Park, Dennis Robertson, Drew Smith

S4M-01641 Aberdeen, the UK’s Fastest Growing Airport ­(lodged on 21 December 2011) Colin Beattie, Jean Urquhart

S4M-01639 GlaxoSmithKline Montrose ­(lodged on 21 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01633 Scottish Premier League Decision to Allow Terracing ­(lodged on 21 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell, Elaine Smith

S4M-01624 Young Entrepreneur of the Year ­(lodged on 20 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01623 Death of Václav Havel ­(lodged on 20 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01619 Citizens Advice Scotland Highlights Unfair Delivery Charges ­(lodged on 19 December 2011) Jean Urquhart

S4M-01617 Spirit of Unity ­(lodged on 19 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01612 Specimen Dissection at Crosshouse Hospital ­(lodged on 19 December 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01601 RSBi in Springburn Wins Gold ­(lodged on 15 December 2011) Elaine Smith

S4M-01596 Independence Referendum, Let Wallace Vote ­(lodged on 15 December 2011) John Lamont

S4M-01591 Glasgow Subway Celebrates its 115th Anniversary ­(lodged on 14 December 2011) Gil Paterson

S4M-01568 Rachel Appolinari Memorial Fund ­(lodged on 12 December 2011) Mark McDonald

S4M-01567 Scottish Women’s European Curling Champions ­(lodged on 12 December 2011) Elaine Smith

S4M-01564 Citizens Advice Service and Welfare Reform ­(lodged on 12 December 2011) Elaine Smith

S4M-01558 High-interest Payday Loans ­(lodged on 12 December 2011) Margo MacDonald, James Dornan, Drew Smith, Patrick Harvie

S4M-01551 Tackling the Problem of Empty Homes in Scotland ­(lodged on 08 December 2011) Elaine Smith

S4M-01548 Radioactive Particles at Dalgety Bay ­(lodged on 08 December 2011) Jim Eadie

S4M-01542 Volunteer Centre East Dunbartonshire ­(lodged on 08 December 2011) Neil Bibby

S4M-01537 Parent Council Awarded for Outdoor Classroom ­(lodged on 07 December 2011) Alison Johnstone

S4M-01528 Motherwell FC Helps to Promote Internet Safety ­(lodged on 07 December 2011) Elaine Smith

S4M-01527 George Osborne’s Attack on Wildlife ­(lodged on 07 December 2011) Alison Johnstone

S4M-01525 Strathclyde New Opportunities Fund ­(lodged on 06 December 2011) Elaine Smith

S4M-01521 Renfrewshire Women’s Association, Wear Your White Ribbon (lodged on 06 December 2011) Elaine Smith

S4M-01509 Supporting Healthy Choices ­(lodged on 06 December 2011) Elaine Smith, Claire Baker, Margo MacDonald, Graeme Pearson, Claudia Beamish*

S4M-01507 No Place for Hate, LGBT Hate Crime in Education ­(lodged on 06 December 2011) Elaine Smith, Alison Johnstone

S4M-01489 British Sign Language ­(lodged on 05 December 2011) Elaine Smith

S4M-01434 Celebrate Terra Madre Day ­(lodged on 28 November 2011) Alison Johnstone

S4M-01431 Tribute to Steve Robertson ­(lodged on 28 November 2011) Clare Adamson

S4M-01394 Human Trafficking in Scotland ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Clare Adamson

S4M-01143 Opt for Life ­(lodged on 26 October 2011) Helen Eadie, George Adam, Jenny Marra, Elaine Murray, John Finnie, Rob Gibson, Graeme Pearson, Mark Griffin, Chic Brodie, Nigel Don, Alison Johnstone, Gil Paterson