145/2011: Wednesday 23 November 2011

Summary of Today’s Business

Meetings of Committees

9.30 am

Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee

Committee Room 6

9.45 am

Public Audit Committee

Committee Room 2

10.00 am

Finance Committee

Committee Room 3

10.00 am

Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee

Committee Room 4

10.00 am

Local Government and Regeneration Committee

Committee Room 5

10.00 am

Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee

Committee Room 1

Meeting of the Parliament

2.30 pm Time for Reflection – Lord Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Great Britain and the Commonwealth

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

followed by Scottish Government Debate: Implementation of the Carers and Young Carers Strategy

followed by Business Motion

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business: S4M-01191 Jim Eadie: Act of Settlement

For full details of today’s business, see Section A. For full details of the future business, see sections B and C.

Section A: Today's Business

Meetings of Committees and Meeting of the Parliament

Section C: Future Meetings of Committees

There is no information on future meetings of Committees in today's Business Bulletin

Section D: Oral Questions

There is no information on Oral Questions in today's Business Bulletin

Section E: Written Questions

New Questions for Written Answer

Section G: Bills

New Bills introduced, new amendments to Bills and Members' Bills proposals

Section H: New Documents

New documents laid before the Parliament and Committee Reports published

Section I: Petitions

There is no information on Petitions in today's Business Bulletin

Section J: Progress of Legislation

Progress of Bills and Subordinate Legislation

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