Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time
  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published
  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business
  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support
  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk

New and altered motions and amendments

*S4M-00326 Liam McArthur on behalf of the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body: Membership of the Scottish Commission for Public Audit—That the Parliament agrees to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body’s proposal to appoint Colin Beattie, Alex Johnstone, Angus MacDonald and John Pentland to be members of the Scottish Commission for Public Audit.

*S4M-00325 Richard Lyle: North Lanarkshire Council Surplus—That the Parliament understands that North Lanarkshire Council made a surplus of over £16.8 million pounds in the last financial year, the highest surplus in five years; therefore requests that the council reconsider the town centre parking charges that it is proposing to bring in as this proposal may cost jobs and cause shoppers to stay away from town centres in North Lanarkshire, and believes that the council should be encouraging businesses to locate in town centres and not penalising them.

*S4M-00324 Fiona McLeod: Children’s Laureate—That the Parliament congratulates Julia Donaldson on becoming the seventh, and first Scotland-based, Children’s Laureate in recognition of her extensive work, including plays, poems, books and creating the much-loved Gruffalo character; supports her plan to bring drama and music to the role, inspiring children to act stories out and taking them from the page into their own lives, and wishes her well in the role.

*S4M-00323 John Wilson: Camanachd Cearcall Lannraig A’tuath Four Years on—That the Parliament congratulates Camanachd Cearcall Lannraig A’tuath (CCL) for its success in the Artemis Macaulay National Primary Sixes competition, which took place in Oban on 11 June 2011; applauds the CCL for winning its section, qualifying for their first semi-final and winning the Lochcarron Quaich (Best Girl Player) award for outstanding performance; praises the hard work and determination that it considers was shown by all those involved in this success, and wishes the CCL all the best for the future.

*S4M-00322 Jim Eadie: Early Detection of Breast Cancer—That the Parliament welcomes the progress in recent years in cutting cancer waiting times; expresses concern that a recent survey by Breakthrough Breast Cancer shows that awareness among women of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer is low across Scotland; recognises that an early diagnosis of breast cancer is vital for improving the chance of a successful outcome; welcomes Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s Touch Look Check (TLC) campaign, which aims to improve levels of breast awareness, and looks forward to the Scottish Government’s Detect Cancer Early initiative being rolled out as quickly as possible in order to increase the number of cancers detected at an early stage.

Supported by: Christina McKelvie*, Patricia Ferguson*, Rob Gibson*, Liam McArthur*, Dave Thompson*, Graeme Dey*, Kenneth Gibson*, John Wilson*, Chic Brodie*, Aileen McLeod*, Joan McAlpine*, John Finnie*, Hanzala Malik*, Bob Doris*

*S4M-00321 Adam Ingram: Who am I? Resources Launch—That the Parliament welcomes the launch of the Who am I? resources by the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) Scotland; notes that these resources have been produced as a result of project funding from the Big Lottery Fund, and that they have been developed over three years in partnership with 100 deaf children and their families throughout Scotland; welcomes the project’s focus on creating a peer group for deaf children, mainly educated in mainstream environments, and encouraging them to share their experiences as they prepare to make what it hopes will be a successful transition to adulthood; is aware that the resources include the book, Who am I?, in which young deaf people share their stories, a parent-to-parent booklet with top tips for parents of deaf teenagers and the Who am I? DVD, which features five young deaf people from Scotland and their families talking about their lives and experiences; congratulates NDCS on producing these resources, which it understands will provide for the first time ever an insight into what it is like to be a young deaf person in Scotland today; commends these resources to other families of deaf children, deaf young people themselves and to the professionals working with them, and encourages all members to look at what it considers to be this invaluable resource.

*S4M-00320 Mary Scanlon: Recognising the Scotch Whisky Industry—That the Parliament welcomes the £4 billion a year contributed in added value to the Scottish economy by distillers producing internationally successful brands; congratulates the industry on the 60% increase in exports since 2000; recognises that, at £262,000 per employee, productivity in Scotch whisky production is six times the Scottish average; praises the £800 million new capital investment in the industry over the last parliamentary session, and believes that the Scotch whisky industry can play an increased role in the Scottish Government’s ambition to grow Scottish exports by 50% by 2017 while continuing to provide a quality product to be enjoyed in the UK.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Liam McArthur*, Dave Thompson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Derek Mackay*, John Wilson*, Chic Brodie*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Jamie McGrigor*, David Stewart*, Ruth Davidson*, Murdo Fraser*, John Park*, Nanette Milne*

*S4M-00319 John Pentland: Congratulations to Gavin Whitefield CBE—That the Parliament congratulates Gavin Whitefield, Chief Executive of North Lanarkshire Council, on his award of a CBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list; considers this award to be thoroughly deserved and a fitting recognition of his career in public office; notes that Mr Whitefield’s career in local government has spanned a period of 35 years and that he has served as Chief Executive of North Lanarkshire Council since 2000; believes that, throughout this period, he has worked tirelessly in his efforts to deliver the best public services to the people of North Lanarkshire, and wishes him every success in his future endeavours.

*S4M-00318 Stuart McMillan: Honour for Clydeside Action on Asbestos—That the Parliament congratulates Phyllis Craig on being appointed an MBE in the recent Queen’s honours list for services to people with asbestos-related diseases; recognises the tireless campaigning that Phyllis has carried out on behalf of Clydeside Action on Asbestos (CAA) and for people fighting for compensation for asbestos-related illnesses; notes that Phyllis has worked with CAA for 17 years, and considers that this award is well deserved.

*S4M-00317 Neil Findlay: The Historic Linlithgow Marches—That the Parliament congratulates the celebrated Linlithgow Marches, which took place again on 14 June 2011; notes its respect for the historic traditions of the marches, and commends the dedication, commitment and hard work of the organisers and their role in bringing the people of Linlithgow together in a celebration of traditional music, song and culture.

*S4M-00316 Kenneth Gibson: Syria’s Assault on Innocent Civilians—That the Parliament strongly condemns the reported brutality and violence of the Syrian Ba’athist dictatorship of President Bashar al-Assad and what it considers the barbaric and horrifying attacks on Syria’s own innocent civilians protesting for democratic rights; is appalled at reports that the use of overwhelming force used has included helicopter gunships and tanks; deplores what it sees as the widespread human rights abuses from the regime in response to popular demonstrations for democracy; understands that there have been at least 1,590 deaths so far, over 10,000 arrests and widespread torture, as shown by the example of 13-year-old Hamza al-Khateeb, one of 82 reported cases of children killed in the violence, who was captured, brutally tortured, mutilated and murdered; recognises the growing refugee situation considered to have been created by the state’s violence, with thousands of refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries, and strongly encourages governments and international bodies to use diplomatic and economic pressure to demand that the Syrian regime restrains its security apparatus and enters into dialogue with its own people about introducing real democratic change.

Supported by: Rob Gibson*, Liam McArthur*, Dave Thompson*, Colin Beattie*, David Torrance*, Roderick Campbell*, Kevin Stewart*, Joan McAlpine*, John Finnie*, Mike MacKenzie*

*S4M-00315 Kenneth Gibson: Protecting the Wages of Agricultural Workers—That the Parliament notes that the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board is proposing a 2.5% wage increase for minimum pay for agricultural workers resulting in an increase from £6.51 to £6.67 per hour for those with more than 26 continuous weeks of employment, from £5.96 to £6.11 for those in their first 26 weeks of employment and from £3.61 to £3.70 for new employees undertaking an apprenticeship; notes with concern calls from the Conservative Party to abolish the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board with, it considers, the aim of reducing wages, and condemns any policy that would further depress the wages and subsequently damage the living standards of people with some of the lowest wages of those employed in rural communities.

*S4M-00314 Kevin Stewart: Congratulations to Celebrate Aberdeen —That the Parliament congratulates Morven Mackenzie and all of the organisers and participants of the Celebrate Aberdeen Parade on Saturday 11 June 2011; recognises the efforts of volunteers, the third sector, community organisations and charities in Aberdeen and throughout the rest of Scotland, and hopes that this celebration can become an annual event in the Granite City’s calendar.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Colin Beattie*, Roderick Campbell*, Maureen Watt*, Kenneth Gibson*, Jackie Baillie*, Joan McAlpine*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Jean Urquhart*, Jamie McGrigor*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bob Doris*, Nanette Milne*, Mark McDonald*

*S4M-00313 Kevin Stewart: Support the Votes at 16 Coalition—That the Parliament commends the organisers of the Votes at 16 Coalition for their efforts in trying to secure the vote for 16 and 17-year-olds; notes that countries including Austria, Brazil and Ecuador have an enfranchisement age of 16; recognises that young people in this age group may work, pay taxes, get married and join the armed forces; considers that they are disenfranchised by current electoral law, and calls on the UK Government to legislate to enfranchise all 16 and 17-year-olds in all elections.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, John Mason*, Rob Gibson*, Dave Thompson*, Marco Biagi*, David Torrance*, Maureen Watt*, Graeme Dey*, Kenneth Gibson*, George Adam*, Derek Mackay*, Fiona McLeod*, Richard Lyle*, Chic Brodie*, Joan McAlpine*, Paul Wheelhouse*, John Finnie*, Mike MacKenzie*, Annabelle Ewing*, Mark McDonald*

*S4M-00312 Jackie Baillie: Schools Stay Open in Argyll and Bute—That the Parliament welcomes the unanimous decision by Argyll and Bute Council to halt completely proposals for school closures; notes that this decision goes beyond calls for a one-year moratorium on such closures; understands that the local authority considers that the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010 is defective and that there were flaws in the local consultation that was held; further understands that it is asking COSLA to examine how the Scottish Government implemented the legislation and to consider the possibility of seeking a judicial review; believes Luss Primary to be an integral part of the local community and the long-term future of Luss village; welcomes the news that the school has been saved, and congratulates the parents, pupils, local communities and Argyll Rural Schools Network on a successful campaign to retain valuable rural schools.

Supported by: Neil Findlay*, Anne McTaggart*

*S4M-00311 Jackie Baillie: British Council Scotland—That the Parliament acknowledges the contribution of the British Council Scotland to the Scottish education system; considers that the British Council is one of the leading bodies for international, cultural and educational exchange; understands that over the last year the British Council has supported over 1,000 international activities in a number of Scottish schools; further notes that St Peter’s Primary, Hermitage Academy, Dumbarton Academy and the Vale of Leven Academy have received help with language assistants, established links with countries across the world and provided the opportunity for pupils to volunteer across Europe, and recognises the importance of the British Council in developing international links that will benefit young people in Scotland.

Supported by: Elaine Smith*, John Pentland*, Patricia Ferguson*, Jamie McGrigor*, Anne McTaggart*

*S4M-00309 Mary Scanlon: Congratulations to Volunteer Centre Moray—That the Parliament congratulates Volunteer Centre Moray on gaining a Committed to Excellence status from Quality Scotland; notes that this internationally recognised award marks Volunteer Centre Moray’s commitment to continuous improvement; understands that it demonstrated this by carrying out an in-depth assessment of every aspect of its organisation and identifying and implementing key areas for improvement; welcomes this recognition and believes that this highlights Volunteer Centre Moray’s commitment to strive for excellence and improve the services that it provides, and wishes the staff and management board continued success in the future.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Maureen Watt*, John Lamont*, Kenneth Gibson*, Jamie McGrigor*, David Stewart*, John Finnie*, Mike MacKenzie*, Annabelle Ewing*, Nanette Milne*

*S4M-00308.1 Ruth Davidson: As an amendment to motion S4M-00308 in the name of Fiona Hyslop (Scotland Bill - Scottish Broadcasting and the Scottish Digital Network) delete from " and encourages" to end and insert "without compromising existing broadcasting capability."

*S4M-00308.2 Patricia Ferguson: As an amendment to motion S4M-00308 in the name of Fiona Hyslop (Scotland Bill - Scottish Broadcasting and the Scottish Digital Network), leave out ", particularly" and insert "and the need to invest in skills and training to maximise opportunities for the industry and".

*S4M-00307 Paul Martin: The Importance of Building Affordable Housing throughout Scotland in a Meaningful and Sustainable Manner—That the Parliament notes reports that the Link Housing Association failed to develop its new-build development at Auchinairn Road in Robroyston in partnership with the local community; understands that members of the public were not consulted properly by the association regarding the proposals; considers that the association failed to identify a constructive solution that would recognise local residents’ concerns; believes that, given the significant investment of public money in the development, it is of paramount importance that any proposal has the backing of the local community, and recognises the importance of building affordable housing throughout Scotland in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

*S4M-00305 Bruce Crawford: Business Motion—That the Parliament agrees the following revision to the programme of business for Thursday 16 June 2011—


2.55 pm Scottish Government Debate: Scotland Bill – Scottish Broadcasting and the Scottish Digital Network

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business - S4M-00016 Mark McDonald: North Sea Taxation

and insert

2.55 pm Scottish Government Debate: Scotland Bill – Scottish Broadcasting and the Scottish Digital Network

followed by SPCB Motion on membership of the Scottish Commission for Public Audit

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

followed by Members’ Business - S4M-00016 Mark McDonald: North Sea Taxation

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S4M-00304 Supporting Action on Depression Week (lodged on 14 June 2011) Angus MacDonald*, Bill Kidd*, Sandra White*, Liam McArthur*, Dave Thompson*, Bill Walker*, John Lamont*, Kenneth Gibson*, Jackie Baillie*, Derek Mackay*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Jean Urquhart*, Jackson Carlaw*, Mary Fee*, Ruth Davidson*

S4M-00303 Vale of Leven Community Midwifery Unit (lodged on 14 June 2011) Sandra White*, Patricia Ferguson*, Sarah Boyack*

S4M-00302 Reduction in Laboratory Services (lodged on 14 June 2011) John Pentland*, Patricia Ferguson*, James Kelly*, Margaret McCulloch*, Sarah Boyack*, David Stewart*, Hanzala Malik*, Drew Smith*

S4M-00300 Scotland’s First Urban Community Wind Turbine? (lodged on 14 June 2011) Elaine Murray*, Mark Griffin*, Sarah Boyack*

S4M-00299 Scottish History in the Making (lodged on 14 June 2011) Bill Kidd*, Sandra White*, Maureen Watt*, Kenneth Gibson*, Derek Mackay*, Chic Brodie*, Aileen McLeod*

S4M-00298 Museum of World Rugby (lodged on 14 June 2011) Bill Kidd*, Kenneth Gibson*, Chic Brodie*, Aileen McLeod*

S4M-00297 Europe Abandoning Nuclear Power (lodged on 14 June 2011) Angus MacDonald*

S4M-00296 Congratulations to Craignish Primary School on its 150th Anniversary (lodged on 14 June 2011) Bill Kidd*, Maureen Watt*, Kenneth Gibson*, Sarah Boyack*, Jackson Carlaw*

S4M-00295 Congratulations to 2011 Crown Estate Scottish Marine Aquaculture Award Winners (lodged on 14 June 2011) Bill Kidd*, Maureen Watt*, Sarah Boyack*, Jackson Carlaw*

S4M-00294 Kilsyth Civic Week (lodged on 14 June 2011) Colin Beattie*, David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Richard Lyle*, Joan McAlpine*, Bob Doris*

S4M-00293 Condorrat Memorial Wall (lodged on 14 June 2011) Rob Gibson* R, David Torrance* R, Richard Lyle* R, Joan McAlpine* R, Bob Doris* R

S4M-00292 40th Anniversary of Greenfaulds High School (lodged on 14 June 2011) Sandra White*, Colin Beattie*, David Torrance*, Kenneth Gibson*, Richard Lyle*, Joan McAlpine*, Jamie McGrigor*, Bob Doris*

S4M-00289 Paisley Playwright and Carer Conveys Family Life and Autism (lodged on 13 June 2011) Bill Kidd*, Dave Thompson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Derek Mackay*, Aileen McLeod*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-00288 Retain Fort George (lodged on 13 June 2011) Maureen Watt*, Kenneth Gibson*, Mark Griffin*

S4M-00287 New Scottish School of Public Health Research to Investigate Scotland’s Health Issues (lodged on 13 June 2011) Elaine Smith*, Bill Kidd*, John Mason*, Rob Gibson*, Marco Biagi*, Jim Eadie*, Colin Keir*, Colin Beattie*, David Torrance*, Kevin Stewart*, Maureen Watt*, Christine Grahame*, Kenneth Gibson*, Derek Mackay*, Fiona McLeod*, Chic Brodie*, Joan McAlpine*, Paul Wheelhouse*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bob Doris*, Humza Yousaf*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-00286 RSPB Tracks Scotland’s Ocean Wanderers (lodged on 13 June 2011) Kenneth Gibson*, Aileen McLeod*, Jackson Carlaw*

S4M-00284 Heart Disease in Scotland (lodged on 13 June 2011) Dave Thompson*, John Finnie*

S4M-00283 Top Muscular Dystrophy Campaigner (lodged on 13 June 2011) Annabelle Ewing*

S4M-00280 Bethany Christian Trust Award (lodged on 13 June 2011) Dave Thompson*, Elaine Murray*, Mary Scanlon*

S4M-00276 Scottish Youth Parliament to Campaign for Marriage Equality (lodged on 13 June 2011) Fiona McLeod*

S4M-00273 The St Mungo Heritage Trail (lodged on 10 June 2011) Sandra White*

S4M-00271 Julia Donaldson Elected Children’s Laureate (lodged on 10 June 2011) Elaine Murray*, Fiona McLeod*, Aileen McLeod*

S4M-00270 Kids Go Free on Glasgow Subway (lodged on 09 June 2011) Elaine Murray*

S4M-00269 Parentline Scotland Extended Service (lodged on 09 June 2011) Aileen McLeod*, Annabelle Ewing*

S4M-00268 Royal Bank of Scotland Local Branch Closures (lodged on 09 June 2011) John Pentland*, Patricia Ferguson*, Paul Martin*, James Kelly*, Graeme Dey*, Elaine Murray*, Hugh Henry*, Margaret McCulloch*, Kezia Dugdale*, Mike MacKenzie*

S4M-00267 Primary Seven Pupils at St Philomena’s Primary School in Provanmill, Business Breakfast (lodged on 09 June 2011) Sandra White*

S4M-00266 University of St Andrews, Soaring to the Clouds (lodged on 09 June 2011) Annabelle Ewing*

S4M-00265 Congratulations to Robert Gordon’s College (lodged on 09 June 2011) Annabelle Ewing*

S4M-00263 The Tall Ships Races 2011 (lodged on 09 June 2011) Annabelle Ewing*

S4M-00253 Preservation of Former Clerk Street Odeon (lodged on 08 June 2011) Joe FitzPatrick*, Annabelle Ewing*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-00247 Eye Health Week (lodged on 08 June 2011) Mary Scanlon*

S4M-00244 Carers Week 2011 (lodged on 08 June 2011) Dave Thompson*

S4M-00242 Seafarers Awareness Week (lodged on 08 June 2011) Dave Thompson*

S4M-00219 Action Mesothelioma Day 2011 (lodged on 07 June 2011) John Park*

S4M-00217 The Success of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 2011 (lodged on 07 June 2011) Dave Thompson*, Mary Scanlon*

S4M-00216 Carers’ Contribution to Glasgow (lodged on 07 June 2011) Dave Thompson*

S4M-00214 Amanda’s Prize Floral Tunic (lodged on 06 June 2011) Mary Scanlon*

S4M-00211 Congratulations to Focus Scotland: The Magazine (lodged on 03 June 2011) Dave Thompson*

S4M-00196 Who Controls Trident? (lodged on 02 June 2011) Dave Thompson*

S4M-00193 The Scheme (lodged on 02 June 2011) Sandra White*, Dave Thompson*

S4M-00181 Battling Scotland’s Drinking Culture (lodged on 02 June 2011) Dave Thompson*

S4M-00173 Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland (lodged on 01 June 2011) Alison McInnes*

S4M-00159 Recognition for Scotland’s Emerging African and Caribbean Communities (lodged on 31 May 2011) Annabelle Ewing*

S4M-00116 Campaign against Parking Charges in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth (lodged on 26 May 2011) Sandra White*

S4M-00102 Ban on Use of Wild Animals in Circuses (lodged on 25 May 2011) Willie Coffey*, Jim Hume*

S4M-00007 Fighting Sectarianism and Anti-Irish Racism (lodged on 12 May 2011) Willie Coffey*